Polythene Bags Manufacturers in Ghana

By | September 13, 2022

A plastic bag, poly bag, or pouch is a type of container made of thin, flexible, plastic film, nonwoven fabric, or plastic textile. Plastic bags are used for containing and transporting goods such as foods, produce, powders, ice, magazines, chemicals, and waste. It is a common form of packaging.

Most plastic bags are heat sealed at the seams, while some are bonded with adhesives or are stitched.

Many countries are introducing legislation to phase-out lightweight plastic bags, because plastic never fully breaks down, causing everlasting pollution of plastics and environmental impacts.

Every year, about 1 to 5 trillion plastic bags are used and discarded around the world. From point of sale to destination, plastic bags have a lifetime of 12 minutes. Approximately 320 bags per capita were used in 2014 in the United States of America

A plastic bag, poly bag, or pouch is a type of container made of thin, flexible, plastic film, nonwoven fabric, or plastic textile. Several design options and features are available. Some bags have gussets to allow a higher volume of contents, special stand-up pouches have the ability to stand up on a shelf or a refrigerator, and some have easy-opening or reclosable options. Handles are cut into or added into some

Below is the Polythene Bag Companies in Ghana

Spacepoly Ghana

Address: Achimota Forest Rd, Accra

Phone: 024 092 0057

Poly Products Gh. Ltd.

Address: Accra

Phone: 030 224 4309

Ghana Rubber Products Ltd.

Address: Adjuma Cres, Accra

Phone: 030 222 3214

Polykraft Ghana Limited

Address: Tema

Phone: +223 73 67 69 65


Address: B625/8 Otublohum Road,Next To ECG (accra West, Accra)

Phone: 024 270 0887

V 5 Plastics Ltd

Address: Shed No. 1, Abotia St, Accra

Phone: 030 222 6294

Packaging Matrixx

Address: Mukose St, Accra

Phone: 024 797 7576

Qualiplast Ltd

Address: Abotia St, Accra

Phone: 030 222 3642

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