Meet Dansby Swanson, Mallory Swanson’s Husband

By | April 11, 2023
Meet Dansby Swanson, Mallory Swanson's Husband

Dansby Swanson is an American professional baseball player who currently plies his trade with the Chicago Cubs so far as Major League Baseball is concerned .

He has also had a brief stint with the Atlanta Braves where he gave a good account of himself .

Married to Mallory Swamson, Dansby Swanson was born on February 11, 1994 which means that he is currently 29 years old and hails from Kennesy,Georgia in the United States of America.

He had his debut in the Major League Baseball on August 17, 2016 and that was when featured for the Atlanta Braves.

He only left Atlanta Braves and joined Chicago Cubs this year.

It isn’t a surprise that Dansby Swanson turned out to be a baseball player especially as his parents were college athletes at Troy University.

His mother had her interest in basketball and tennis while his father played baseball and subsequently became an Assistant Coach for the Trojans.

While growing up , Dansby Swanson was a fan of the Atlanta Braves and often made it a point to watch their matches .

At Marietta High School in Georgia, Dansby combined his education with sports and specifically was very much involved in the School’s basketball and basketball teams .

He was quite impressive with the school’s basketball team; no wonder when he completed his varsity team basketball career ,he earned himself the nickname ‘ Three-point Swanson’.

Even though Colorado Rockies selected Dansby to be part of the team in 2012, he didn’t sign with them but rather moved to be with Vanderbilt Commodores and he won the National Championship with the team.

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He was named the 2014 College World Series Most Outstanding Player and also won the Brooks Wallace Award in 2015.

In 2015,he left Vanderbilt and joined Diamondbacks and that was when his professional baseball career commenced .

His current contract with Chicago Cubs was signed on December 21,2022 and its worth $177 million and it’s for a seven-year period.

Even though Dansby Swanson has had his fair share of injuries in his baseball career, it is interesting to note that he also has a fair share of awards as well.

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