Lists of Libraries In Accra

By | June 30, 2022
Lists of Libraries In Accra

A library is a collection of information, sources, resources, and services, organized for use, and maintained by a public body, an institution, or a private individual. In the more traditional sense, it means a collection of books.

This collection and services are used by people who choose not to — or cannot afford to — purchase an extensive collection themselves, who need material no individual can reasonably be expected to have, or who require professional assistance with their research.

In addition, with the collection of media other than books for storing information, many libraries are now also repositories and access points for maps, prints, or other documents and artworks on various storage media such as microfilm, microfiche, audio tapes, CDs, LPs, cassettes, videotapes, and DVDs, and provide public facilities to access CD-ROM and subscription databases and the Internet.

Thus, modern libraries are increasingly being redefined as places to get unrestricted access to information in many formats and from many sources. In addition to providing materials, they also provide the services of specialists who are experts in matters related to finding and organizing information and interpreting information needs, called librarians.

Libraries are valuable institutions for preserving elements of culture and tradition from generation to generation and expanding them worldwide by enabling a smooth and accurate flow of information. More recently, libraries are understood as extending beyond the physical walls of a building, by including material accessible by electronic means, and by providing the assistance of librarians in navigating and analyzing tremendous amounts of knowledge with a variety of digital tools.

Lists of Libraries In Accra

Libraries have materials arranged in a specified order according to a library classification system so that items may be located quickly and collections may be browsed efficiently. Some libraries have additional galleries beyond the public ones, where reference materials are stored. These reference stacks may be open to selected members of the public.

  1. Nima Maamobi Community Learning Centre
    Nima Maamobi Community Learning Centre, Hilla Limann Hwy, Accra, Ghana
  2. C.S.I.R-INSTI
    C.S.I.R-INSTI, Achimota Rd, Accra, Ghana
  3. Children’s Library, Teshie-Nungua
    Kpeshie, Accra, Ghana
  4. Aglionby Library
    New Abose Okai St, Accra, Ghana
  5. Public Library
    Thorpe Link, Accra, Ghana
  6. Children’s Library
    Kojo Thompson Rd, Accra, Ghana
  7. La Bethel Presby Library
    Labadi, Accra, Ghana
  8. The Mine Library
    Ayawaso, Accra, Ghana
  9. The Balme Library
    W.E.B. Dubois Rd, Accra, Ghana
  10. The George Padmore Research Library
    Gamel Abdul Nasser Ave, Accra, Ghana
  11. Commonwealth Hall Library
    University Of Ghana, Accra, Ghana
  12. Hall Library and Alumni Office
    University Of Ghana, Accra, Ghana
  13. The Ghana Free Community Library
    C 91/3, Faanofa Road, C91/3 Kojo Thompson Rd, Accra, Ghana
  14. Friends of Libraries in Ghana
    Maamobi Community Library, Accra, Ghana
  15. British Council
    Liberia Road, Accra, Ghana
  16. Liberia Ghana
    114 Westland Blvd, Accra
  17. Todd & Ruth Warren Library
    1 University Ave, Berekuse
  18. Treasure Kids Bookstore
    Fourth St, Accra ARS Roundabout, East Legon
  19. Knowledge Chase Learning Centre
    Madina, Accra
  20. Martin Luther king Information Resource centre
    No. 24, Fourth Circular Rd., Cantonment, Accra
  21. Nubuke Foundation
    Adamfio Close, East Legon, Accra
  22. Osu Library Fund
    Kofi Annan ITC Centre, Near State House
  23. Western Regional Library
    Opposite Wise Club House, Accra
  24. Ghana Free Community Libraries
    C 91/3, Faanofa Road, Adabraka., Accra
  25. Swift Law
    Accra, Ghana
  26. Nsiah Akuetteh & Co.
    21 Samora Machel Rd, Accra, Ghana
  27. N. Dowuona & Company
    Suites 305-306, Third Floor, Movenpick Ambassador Hotel, Ridge, Independence Ave, Accra, Ghana
  28. Egality Law
    East Airport, near Accra, Accra, Ghana
  29. Educase Literacy Consult
    12 Boundary Rd, Ogbodjo, Ghana
  30. Addison Bright Sloane
    22B Akosombo Rd, Accra, Ghana
  31. Ayisi and Associates
    Accra, Ghana
  32. Ark Legal Consult
    16 Mensah Wood Rd, Accra, Ghana
  33. Glory Law
    Dr. Busia Hwy, Accra, Ghana
  34. Regal Manna Chambers
    Accra, Ghana
  35. Fugar and Company
    29 Independence Ave, Accra, Ghana
  36. Zoe Lexfields
    H/No. 606 Joe Nana Mensah Drive, Jungle Rd, Accra, Ghana
  37. S&H Group Ltd
    113 Archer Rd, Accra, Ghana
  38. College Of Health Sciences
    Guggisberg Ave, Accra, Ghana
  39. FSB Law Consult
    HNo. 34/3b, 11th street, Baatsona,Spintex, Accra, Ghana
  40. Strategy Africa
    Accra, Ghana
  41. Narh Legal Consult
    Accra, Ghana
  42. Romanlevi And Associates
    80 Spintex Rd, Accra, Ghana
  43. New Library Complex
    Accra, Ghana
  44. Accra District Law Caurt
    Accra, Ghana
  45. Presec Library
    next to the Administration Annex, Accra, Ghana
  46. Saah Partners (Saah & Company)
    Accra, Ghana
  47. Graduate School, University Of Ghana
    Accra, Ghana
  48. Law Offices of Kwame Agati
    Accra, Ghana
  49. Achimota Library
    Accra, Ghana
  50. Boadi & Boadi International Law Chamber
    Blohum Rd, Accra, Ghana
  51. La Bethel Presby Library
    Accra, Ghana
  52. Strategy Africa GH
    Accra, Ghana
  53. International Peacekeeping Library
  54. Kathryn Knowles Library
  55. Community Library(Nungua)
  56. Zenith University
  57. Geog Dept. Library University of Ghana, Legon
  58. Regks Impex & Associates
    High Street Off Art Center P.O.Box 13463. HS, Accra, Ghana
  59. La District Magistrate Court
    Accra, Ghana
  60. Central Library
    High Street, Accra

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