List Of Non-Bank Financial Institutions In Ghana

By | August 18, 2022
List Of Non-Bank Financial Institutions In Ghana

Non-Bank Financial Institutions (NBFIs) are institutions that provide financial services but do not have a banking license. In Ghana, there are a few NBFIs that are providing different financial services to the public. In this post, we will explore the List Of Non-Bank Financial Institutions In Ghana.

What is Non-Bank Financial Institutions

Non-Bank Financial Institutions are companies that provide financial services but they are not banks. They can offer different kinds of financial products and services, such as loans, mortgages, savings accounts, or investment advice. The most well-known examples of Non-Bank Financial Institutions are credit unions and brokerage firms.

List Of Non-Bank Financial Institutions In Ghana

This list is a compilation of non-bank financial institutions in Ghana. The list is not exhaustive and does not include banks, insurance companies, or other types of financial institutions. Below is the List Of Non-Banking Financial Institution In Ghana

  • Accent Financial Services
  • AFB Financial Services Ltd
  • All Time Finance Ltd. Finance
  • ASN Financial Services Limited
  • Dalex Finance and Leasing Company Ltd.
  • F & D Finance and Leasing Company Limited
  • SDC Finance and Leasing Company Ltd.
  • TG Finance and Leasing Ltd.
  • NorthStar Home Finance Company Limited
  • Blue Financial Services Ghana Ltd.
  • Chrisline Financial Services Ltd.
  • Crest Finance House Limited
  • Darfin Finance Company Ltd
  • Dream Finance Company Ltd
  • Eximguaranty Co. (Gh) Ltd
  • Golden Pride Savings and Loans Ltd
  • Ivory Savings and Loans Ltd
  • Jins Savings and Loans Ltd
  • Legacy Capital Savings and Loans Ltd.
  • Midland Savings & Loans Company Ltd.
  • Multi Credit Savings & Loans Co. Ltd.
  • Opportunity International Savings and Loans Co. Ltd
  • Pacific Savings & Loans Co. Ltd.
  • Pan – African Savings and Loans Company Limited
  • Progress Savings and Loans Limited
  • Services Integrity Savings and Loans Ltd.
  • SIC Life Trust Savings and Loans Ltd.
  • Sinapi Aba Savings and Loans Company Ltd
  • The Seed Funds Savings and Loans Ltd
  • uniCredit Savings and Loans Ltd.
  • Utrak Savings and Loans Ltd
  • Women’s World Banking – Savings and Loans Company Ltd
  • Ghana Leasing Co. Ltd
  • Leasafric Ghana Ltd.
  • Export Finance Co. Ltd
  • Forms Capital Limited
  • Ideal Finance Limited
  • IFS Financial Services Limited
  • Izwe Loans Ltd
  • Jislah Financial Services Financial House
  • N.D.K. Financial Services Ltd.
  • OAK Financial Services
  • Profin Ghana Limited
  • Sterling Financial Services
  • Syndicated Capital Finance Limited
  • TF Financial Services
  • Express Funds International Ltd.
  • Trans-Continental Financial Services Ltd.
  • 1st African Savings & Loans Company Ltd.
  • ABii National Savings and Loans Ltd
  • Adehyeman Savings and Loans Company Ltd.
  • Adom Savings and Loans Ltd.
  • Advans Ghana Savings and Loans Ltd.
  • Alpha Capital Savings and Loans Ltd
  • Asa Savings and Loans Company Limited
  • Assurance Savings and Loans Ltd
  • Best Point Savings and Loans Ltd
  • Bond Savings and Loans Ltd
  • Bayport Savings and Loans Company Ltd.
  • Commerz Savings and Loans Ltd.
  • Direct Savings and Loans Limited
  • Equity Savings and Loans Ltd.
  • Express Savings and Loans Company Ltd
  • First Allied Savings and Loans Co. Ltd.
  • First Ghana Savings and Loans Company Ltd
  • FirsTrust Savings Loans Ltd.
  • Global Access Savings and Loans
  • Golden Link Savings & Loans Ltd

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