List Of Ghana Security Services In Ghana

By | October 18, 2022
Highest Paid Security Service In Ghana

You may know a lot about the security services in Ghana, but do you actually know the total number of security services? Sometimes, we do confuse ourselves by referring to some government agencies as part of the security services. This article will make you identify the security services from other agencies.  We would like to give some facts about the security services also.

The Ghana security services are categorized into three types. Government, in-house, and contract security guards are the three primary categories of security guards employed by private and public businesses and people.

List Of Ghana Security Services In Ghana

Below is the list of Ghana security services;

Ghana Prison Service

In all of Ghana’s regions, there are forty-five (45) prison facilities that make up the service. The Prisons Headquarters in Accra, which also houses the offices of the Director-General of Prisons and his two assistants, five Directors of Prisons, and other major office holders, is located at the top of the pyramid. The Service’s administrative nerve center, the Headquarters, is where prison policies are developed for the efficient administration of all prison facilities in Ghana. There are also nine (9) jails located in agricultural settlement camps, seven (7) central prisons, seven (7) female prisons, fourteen (14) local prisons, one medium security prison at Nsawam, and one contagious disease prison (CDP) at Ankaful.

Ghana Armed Forces

The Army (GA), Navy (GN), and Ghana Air Force are all combined into the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF), which is the country of Ghana. The President of Ghana serves as both the top military commander and commander-in-chief of the Border Guard Unit (BGU). The Chief of Defence Staff and the Minister of Defense are in charge of leading the armed forces. The Hausa Constabulary of Southern Nigeria’s personnel served as the foundation for the Gold Coast Constabulary, which was founded in 1879 to carry out police and internal security tasks in the British colony of the Gold Coast. As a result of the Ashanti conflict, the regiment received its first battle honor in this shape.

Ghana Police Service

The primary law enforcement organization in Ghana is called the Ghana Police Service (GPS). In 1821, the British Colonial Authorities established professional policing in the Gold Coast, which is today the Republic of Ghana. Before that, the executive and judicial tasks in each community were carried out by unpaid messengers who worked for the traditional authorities, such as the local headsmen and chiefs, who organized the policing or maintenance of law and order.

Custom Excise And Preventive Service

The Ghanaian Civil Service Department had control over the organization when it was founded in 1839. The service became autonomous in 1986 under the Flight Lieutenant Rawlings administration, with support from PNDC Law 144. The PNDC Law 330 took its place as the new law in 1993. The collection of import duty, import VAT, export duty, petroleum tax, import excise, and other taxes, levies, and fees are the responsibility of the customs division.

Ghana National Fire Service

Before there was a Fire Service, in the pre-colonial era, all types of fires in communities and localities were put out by traditional rulers utilizing Asafo Companies (Traditional Soldiers). The colonial government didn’t realize the necessity to reorganize the many Asafo Companies into active organizations to combat both domestic and bushfires until 1955 since there were so few industries. Many of the Asafo Companies’ members chose to work for the Local Government Institutions in the Country when the Gold Coast’s political administration was restructured into the notion of local government.

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