List of Festivals Celebrated in Northern Region Of Ghana

By | March 18, 2022

The Northern Region is one of Ghana’s 16 administrative regions, located on the West African coast at latitude 0°. The Northern Region, like the rest of Ghana, is known for its hospitality. 
As a result, you are encouraged to appreciate the magnificent natural features, exotic culture, and historical legacies of Ghana’s largest region.


The largest ethnic groups are Dagomba, Nanumba, Mamprusi, Gonja, and Komkombas, with a population of2 million. Chekosis, Bimobas, and Vaglas are among the other groupings that can be found in the region.

Tourist Attractions In The Northern Region

Ghana’s northern region is known for its diverse heritage and agricultural activities that drive lots of tourists to explore the landscape.

  • Naa Gbewaa Palace, Yendi
  • Saakpoli Slaves wells
  • Diarre Napagaduungbanani
  • Naa Binbegu Boabab Tree, Yendi
  • Buntaga Irrigation Dam
  • Sabali (River Oti)
  • Nawuni River (White Volta)

Cultural Festivals & Events

Northern region has a host of festivals and below are some of the festivals.

Damba Festival

The Damba festival is grouped into three main festivals, namely:

*Somo Damba
*Naa Damba
*Belkusi Damba

The people of Dagbon, Mamprugu, Gonja, Mamprugui, and Nanumba celebrate it according to the lunar cycle.

The festival’s relevance stems from the fact that it commemorates the birth of Islam’s Holy Prophet. Prayers, fasting, and a parade of individuals on horseback are among the activities, which are accompanied by drumming and dancing.

The celebration, which was originally associated with Islam to commemorate Mohammed’s birth, has progressively taken on a traditional rather than Islamic flavor. The two-day celebration, which takes place in the towns of Dagbon, Gonjaland, Mamprusiland, and Nanumbaland, is full with grandeur and flamboyance.

Jintigi Fire Festival

Every year in April, the chiefs and people of Gonjaland commemorate it. Damango, the seat of the Gonja Traditional Area, is the epicenter of the entire festival.

The parade into the wilderness or outshirts of towns and villages inside Gonjaland at night with torches is one of the festival’s festivities. There are also Quoran recitals that are used to predict the coming year.

Bugum Chugu (Fire) Festival

Even though the Bugum Festival was originally associated with Islam, it has since evolved into a significant festival on the traditional calendar. It marks Naiyul-Lah Mohammed’s exile in Medina after fleeing Mecca in AD658. Dagbon, Gonja, Mamprusi, and Nanumba all commemorate the holiday. Processions from neighboring communities kick off the festivities. By dark, all of the villagers had gathered with flaming torches at the Chief’s palace. The ritual illuminates the streets after special utterances by the Chief. Drumming and dancing are performed till the early hours of the morning.

Kpini Chugu (Guinea Fowl Festival)

The Kpini Chugu is a modest celebration celebrated in the Dagbon, Mamprugu, and Nanung Traditional Areas. Dagombas, Mamprusis, Nanumbas, Kokombas, and Basaris make up these locations. There isn’t a big party going on. It’s seen as a harvert sacrifice to the gods.

Gobandawu (Yam) Festival

Traditional areas in the Northern Regions celebrate Gobandawu as the start of the new harvest season.

The ceremonial offering of yams and guinea fowl to in-laws is the principal activity. The purpose of this festival is to praise the gods for a plentiful crop.

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