List of Festivals Celebrated in Ashanti Region Of Ghana

By | March 20, 2022

Ashanti Region Of Ghana plays a major role in the cultural identity of the Ghanaian people. Cultural celebrations and festivals have been held in high esteem by the people of Ghana to make the country find a spot on the globe when it comes to colorful displays of culture.

Festivals Celebrated in Ashanti Region

Below are the list of festivals you can find in the Ashanti Region

Opemso Festival

The Opemso Festival is a Ghanaian Ashanti festival that is extremely famous. The celebration takes place every two years in Ghana to honor the birth of Otumfuo Osei Tutu I, the Ashantis’ first ruler. The celebration has grown in importance and significance for the Ashanti people throughout the years.

The History of the Opemso Festival and How It Is Celebrated

The Opemso festival was established to commemorate the extraordinary occurrences that led to the birth of Otumfuo Osei Tutu I, the Ashanti king, who unified the seven Akan clans to build the Asante Kingdom. Per the legend, Otumfuo Osei Tutu I’s mother, Nana Gyamfua Manu Kutusi, struggled frantically to have babies before he was born.

She later found a traditional priest who magically assisted her in conceiving a male kid. When it was time for Osei Tutu to be born, his mother traveled to his grandmother’s homeland of Esiase in the Ashanti Region.

Challenges emerged, however, when the birth pangs became more intense while she was on her journey. She prayed to the Kaakawere River in Kokofu-Anyinam for spiritual assistance, promising the river a fowl as well as a bottle of schnapps if her son was born safely. The river deity felt sorry for the woman and sent three hunters to help her by directing her to the queen-mother of Kokofu-Anyinam, who led her to a secure area under a big Ceiba or Onyina tree to deliver her baby.

Onyina Sei is the new name for that tree. These are the incidents that the Opemso festival now commemorates.


This festival is celebrated once every six weeks.

The Ashanti people hold the celebration in high regard presently because it commemorates the advent of the man who rescued them from their foes. Masses of Ashanti people and their leaders will travel through the street to the sacred grove where Otumfuo Osei Tutu I was born during the event, headed by the Asantehene. They will make elaborate ceremonies for the Kaakawere river, including offering fowls and schnapps.

During the special Sunday cultural experience known as Akwasidae, Manhyia Palace opens its doors to everyone . Elaborately organized practices exist in the Ashanti monarchy to reinforce the relationships between queen mothers, chiefs, sub-chiefs, elders, and the people. The palanquin lift is accompanied by horn sounds and fontomfrom thumps, and the kete or adowa dance adds to the spectacle of the colorfully dressed kente with gold trinkets.


The Papa Festival is a celebration of the papa. Kumawu residents in the Ashanti region celebrate this day. The people of Kumamu in the Sekyere East District celebrate this celebration in March.

On the eve of the festive day, the festival begins with sacrificial rituals. The day begins with a small chiefs’ durbar presided over by Kumawu’s Paramount Chief.

Mmoaninko Festival

The chiefs and people of Offinso in Ghana’s Ashanti Region commemorate the Mmoaninko festival once every four years. In the heart of the merrymaking and carnival, the durbar of chiefs performs traditional drumming and dance. There is also musketry firing.

It is commemorated to honor Nana Wiafe Akenten I’s valor and wisdom. When Nana Osei Tutu I chose to award him after the war against the Dormaas of Ghana’s former Brong Ahafo area, it was said he selected a piece of land over jewelry. The acreage awarded is what constitutes the current municipality of Offinso.

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