List Of Agriculture Jobs In Ghana

By | May 18, 2022
Job Vacancies In Ghana For Graduates.

The agriculture industry in Ghana is a rapidly growing field, and there are many opportunities for people to find work. In fact, the agriculture sector is one of the largest employers in the country, with almost 60 percent of the population depending on it for their jobs or as a source of income.

The demand for agricultural jobs in Ghana is on the rise. As the country continues to grow, more and more people are looking at starting a career in agriculture. But how can you find a job? What kind of opportunities exists?

What are some careers that involve agriculture?

Below are some of the Agriculture-Related Careers

Agricultural EconomistHorticulturist
Food Process EngineerViticulturist
Food ScientistWeed Scientist
ForesterWildlife Biologist

What agricultural jobs are in demand?

These are all agricultural jobs that featured in the Highest Demand division of the National List of Occupations in High Demand: 

Agricultural scientist

The term ‘agricultural science’ describes a broad range of studies in the agricultural field that covers topics like natural resources, agronomy, plant breeding, plant pathology and genetics. Agricultural scientists have diverse roles in today’s society. These include research, teaching, and extension work.


A winemaker is a person engaged in winemaking. Historically, the winemaker was responsible for all aspects of wine production, including vineyard management and fermentation of the grape juice into alcohol (called must) by the action of yeast.

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Winemakers are also usually involved with marketing their wines. The term may also refer to a position within a corporate structure at some wine companies where this individual oversees several departments such as production, sales, distribution, markets, and trade relations or research & development.

Agricultural engineer

Agricultural engineers are specialists within the field of engineering who deal with agricultural production, food processing, and environmental quality. Agricultural engineers design equipment and machinery used in farming to help increase crop yield, improve crop quality and food safety, control pests, develop new methods for aquaculture, and provide irrigation systems for agriculture.

How many Ghanaians are into agriculture?

About 52 % of the labor force is engaged in agriculture, 29 % in services, and 19 % in industry. Approximately, 39 % of the farm labor force is women. Agriculture contributes to 54 % of Ghana’s GDP, and accounts for over 40 % of export earnings, while at the same time providing over 90 % of the food needs of the country.

How do I start a career in agriculture?

  • Work for the farmer or rancher you’d like to become
  • Start Custom Farming
  • Find a niche market
  • Join an accelerator or farmer training program
  • Think outside the box

One of the lucrative agriculture businesses in Ghana to start is poultry farming.

There is a complete step-by-step guide on how to start a poultry farm business with PDF and video tutorials available from the title; How To Start A Poultry Farm Business In Ghana And Make Money

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