Jobs With High Salary In Ghana

By | August 9, 2022
Highest Paying Jobs In Ghana

The article is about the top jobs with high salaries in Ghana. The list includes jobs such as Bloggers, Accountants, Human Resources managers, Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Business Analysts, and Account Managers.

Jobs With High Salary In Ghana

In Ghana, there are many job opportunities that can offer you a good salary. This list of the top jobs with high salaries in Ghana offers a good overview of what is available to you.

Accounts managing

Many businesses have numerous customer, contractor, and other business accounts. As an account manager, it is your responsibility to take on this marketing role while also maintaining good relations between your company and its customers. It is also your responsibility to look for ways to increase the number of accounts your company has.

This is the kind of job for someone who wanted to be a police negotiator but realized they didn’t want half the stress. This type of job has an Average Monthly Salary of 7,000 GHS

Project Managing

The second job with high salary in Ghana is a project manager. The project manager earns Average Monthy Salary of 6,500 GHS.

You can do a lot of marketing jobs, so think of this as one of them. It is your job as a project manager to take abstract ideas and concepts and turn them into executable plans. You then send them to the operations managers, who oversee the process described below. Project management is also one of the fastest growing jobs in Ghana.

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In this role, you must accept failure as a necessary part of the process. Otherwise, you’ll have a mental breakdown.


Many of you will be shocked why teaching is part of the jobs with high salary in Ghana. Well, they are part of the high earning salary workers in Ghana currently. You won’t need to look far if you are intelligent, having trouble finding employment, and lacking in entrepreneurial zeal.

Simply continue your education, obtain your MPHIL, begin teaching, and school your way to becoming a lecturer at a university. I know it seems like a lot of work, but after earning your MPHIL, you’d start earning money so you could continue with your Ph.D., etc., so don’t worry. It comes with respect and a good salary.

Human Resources Managing

Consider a career in human resources if you enjoy dealing with people and filling positions. In this position, you are in charge of all employee recruitment, interviewing, and hiring. You also meet with executives to ensure that you understand the company’s goals and direction.

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