Meet Jeremiah Kobina Egyabeng: The Techpreneur Making Impact On Ghanaian Youths With Technology

By | August 10, 2022
Jeremiah Kobina Egyabeng: The Techpreneur Making Impact On Ghanaian Youths With Technology

Making use of the application of Technology to solve our everyday problems is one of the motive of numerous technology entrepreneurs across the globe, and one of the few personality to talk about is Jeremiah Kobina Egyabeng from Ghana.

Jeremiah Kobina Egyabeng is known as the founder of Digitrust Ghana — serving as a technology company in Ghana delivering valuable technology-related services to average tech and non-tech lovers, enterprises, schools, and more.

Personal development is one of the most important things to embrace as an entrepreneur or a business person and Jeremiah has been inspiring many Ghanaians to become the needed skilled persons and one of the ways is to learn about how to start a blog in Ghana. The information here gives you a clear insight on the step-by-step procedures on how you too can build your own blog and make money online with very limited resources and within the shortest possible time.

A Brief About Jeremiah Kobina Egyabeng As Founder of Digitrust Ghana

Jeremiah Kobina Egyabeng is known as an experienced Digital Entrepreneur, IT Consultant, digital marketer, SEO consultant, online journalist, Administration degree holder from Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) — who has been on a mission to create digital entrepreneurs from Ghana.

In simple words, Jeremiah Kobina Egyabeng is a Digital Entrepreneur with passion to create digital platforms to educate, provide and solve the problems of everyday person on the internet.

Jeremiah Kobina Egyabeng is the Chief Executive Officer of Digitrust Ghana a Digital Solutions Company In Ghana offering B2B Digital Solutions in the country Ghana.

Today, Jeremiah Kobina Egyabeng owns numerous internet businesses that deliver better solution to individuals over the internet and few to mention are; Digitrust Ghana, MyNewsGhana and more.

To embrace more to technology and its development, Jeremiah Kobina Egyabeng has been teaching and guiding interested Ghanaian youths on hands with practical on some digital skills such as; Web Development, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing Mastery, Blogging and Web Monetization, Branding and more.

With the rising figures for unemployment, Digitrust Ghana under the administration of Jeremiah Kobina Egyabeng has been hosting Techpreneurs Web Training for interesting persons who would love to become digital marketers and this initiative is purposed at giving participants skills and expertise that is required in the job market to enable them to find easy employment or create them for themselves.

Despite blogging, there are many avenues to make money from — on the internet and Jeremiah Kobina Egyabeng is an expert in Affiliate Marketing and a trainer in the MMO Niche that teaches interested persons to learn how to make money and setup their own internet business franchise with some few clicks.

Jeremiah Kobina Egyabeng’s Digital Company

Digitrust Ghana has remained the top technology company that solves the problems of many businesses operating with technology devices and gadgets.

Starting as website development business, Digitrust Ghana now deals in complex web applications, mobile applications, software, branding, digital marketing, etc.

Jeremiah Contact Details

Pinterest: jeremy73333
Facebook: JKEgyabeng
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 054 506 4096
YouTube: Jeremiah Kobina Egyabeng

In summary, Jeremiah Kobina Egyabeng is a Ghanaian Techpreneur who has helped several hundreds of business owners scale their businesses through Digital Technology and a recommended personality for your digital marketing solutions.

At your budget, Jeremiah is able to corporate and take the presence of your business online.

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