Investment Opportunities In Ghana And All You Need To Know About The Economy

By | October 4, 2021

Ghana is rich in natural resources, with gold and cocoa exports providing the majority of the country’s foreign exchange profits. Aside from the immense riches in diamonds and crude oil deposits, it is Africa’s second-largest gold producer and second-largest cocoa producer.

Agriculture is predicted to generate roughly 20% of GDP and employ about 35% of the people in the country. Ghana is one of Africa’s ten fastest growing economies, having experienced rapid growth since 2017.. Ghana’s prospects for growth remain bright, thanks to rising output and stable worldwide pricing for its principal export.

If You Are Looking To Invest, Below are some Sectors you can target.

  1. Agriculture Sector

Most of the Ghanaian population are into farming and this indirectly means that if you go into this sector you are able to solve problems, money would smile at your pockets. Most farmers are based in the rural areas and the challenges they face are so much so they would gladly welcome a solution that would favor them.

2. Financial Services

Ghana’s financial services have vastly improved. The narrative of most Ghanaian banks is one of big ideals and little money. They just cannot match the rising demand from the energy, mining, oil and gas, and telecommunications industries. The corporate banking and finance departments are understaffed and underutilized and it provides a great opportunity to investors to cash out big.

3. Real Estate

Poor management and a lack of capacity affect the office and commercial sectors. As developers perceive a huge influx of capital from foreign investors, building in downtown Accra and the surrounding suburbs is on the rise. Residential and commercial real estate will benefit from advances in consumer finance and mortgages in the banking sector.

4. Telecommunications

Each Ghanaian has a cell phone. Representing various sim cards or responsibility for cell phones, telecom insiders gauge that cell phone ownership is nearing the 16 million and more sim cards means more money for investors.

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