Hunter Doohan Biography, Height, Weight, And Everything You Need To Know

By | May 28, 2023

American writer and actor Hunter Doohan gained notoriety for his performance in the 2018 American film Soundwave, in which he co-starred with Katie Owsley, Mike Beaver, and Andrew Bongiorno in the lead role of Ben Boyles. He had great success with the movie, which led to him winning Best Actor at the Northern Virginia International Film and Music Festival.

Doohan has a lifelong passion for acting and used to spend the majority of his time in his high school’s theatrical department. He made the decision to make acting his career, and he has since acted in a number of films and TV shows. Following graduation, he relocated to Los Angeles to enroll in Oklahoma City University’s Bachelor of Fine Arts program. When he met casting director Elizabeth Barnes over the summer vacation, he changed his mind and decided to take a sabbatical from college. Doohan even had a job while enrolled in a two-year acting course in Santa Monica, where he regularly took acting workshops.

In the 2012 short film Lost Pursuit, Hunter Doohan made his acting debut as Dreamer. After that, he shared the screen with Teneale Clifford and Leslie Stevens in the 2013 short film Grace.

He collaborated with Lauren Harper on the 2015 short It’s Supposed to be Healthy. Hunter Doohan is a very accomplished and enthusiastic writer. In 2015, he wrote the script and produced the short film It’s Supposed to be Healthy.

Doohan made his acting debut as Owen in the 2016 American movie Coffee House Chronicles, which also starred Dalila Ali Rajah and Eric B. Anthony.

Bryan Cranston, Hope Davis, Michael Stuhlbarg, and Tony Curran costarred with Hunter Doohan in the Your Honor (2020–2023) TV series as Adam Desiato, the show’s protagonist.

Hunter Doohan Height and Weight

Hunter Doohan is 5’11” tall and 68 Kg in weight.

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