How To Transfer Airtime From MTN To Another MTN Number In Ghana 2022

By | August 16, 2022

There has been numerous times we wished to transfer airtime from MTN to another MTN number in Ghana, but we always find it difficult to do so — thinking it would be something complicated.

Trust me, sending airtime from one MTN Number to another MTN mobile phone number in Ghana is so easier task to complete within some few seconds.

Imagine you have enough airtime on your mobile phone and a loved one asked you to send them airtime, there should not be any need to buy additional airtime for that person but instead, you could possibly send the airtime from your MTN credit airtime to that person’s MTN phone number.

This article here will walk you through the complete guide on how to transfer airtime from MTN to another MTN number in Ghana for 2022.

Send Via Me2U Service

The MTN Me2U service allows all MTN customers to share their airtime with their family, friends and loved ones. 0.10p is deducted on every transfer. Additionally, as MTN subscriber you can send some of your credit to another person using MTN SIM.

Before a user would be able to send airtime from own MTN to another MTN number, it is required that you register to the MTN Me2U service using its short code.

How To Register For MTN Me2U Service

To register for the MTN Me2U service looks so simple and you can do this under a minute using the MTN Me2U short code, that is the *198#. Follow the easier guide below and learn how to register for the MTN Me2U service in Ghana.

  1. Dial *198#
  2. Enter 1 to activate
  3. Enter a new 4-digits PIN
  4. Re-enter the 4-digits PIN
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After you are done entering your 4-digits PIN, MTN Ghana would send you a feedback that you have successfully registered for the MTN Me2U service.

Now, let’s get to know the complete steps on how to send airtime using the MTN Me2U service on your mobile phone.

Always keep not that you can only send airtime to MTN Mobile subscribers and not any other network.

How To Transfer Airtime From Your MTN To Another MTN Number

  1. Dial *198#
  2. Select 2 to transfer airtime
  3. Enter the receiver’s number and press enter
  4. Enter the whole amount to transfer to the person. Eg. 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 or 50
  5. After entering the amount you wish to send to the person, enter the decimal value of the amount of airtime you wish to send to the person. Eg. 00
  6. Enter your MTN Me2U service PIN code
  7. Press the option 1 to confirm

Finally, wait a while and receive a confirmation message that your airtime has been transferred successfully.

Send From MTN EVD Vendor

There are times you would love to send airtime to a loved one but do not have credit on your mobile phone, and the best option to take is to transfer airtime to another MTN number is to send via EVD Vendor.

To transfer airtime to another MTN number, you can visit the MTN Vendor and pay for the amount you wished to send to the person. Give the number to the MTN Vendor and you will wait for the vendor to send airtime.

Send From MTN Mobile Money

The everyday activity used to purchase airtime to friends and loved ones is to use MTN Mobile Money service. With the MTN Mobile Money, you can transfer airtime or purchase internet bundle to that special someone on another MTN number.

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Transfer Airtime To Another MTN Number Using MTN Mobile Money

You could possibly transfer Airtime from your end to another MTN number using the MTN Mobile Money service. All you would need is to have amount of money in your MTN Mobile Money wallet to be able to transfer the airtime equivalent to that other MTN number.

Kindly follow the simple steps provided here;

  1. Dial the MTN Mobile Money short code, *170#
  2. Enter the option 3 for airtime and bundles
  3. Enter the option 1 for airtime
  4. Enter the option 2 for others.
  5. Enter the airtime amount to transfer
  6. Enter the person’s phone number
  7. Re-enter the person’s phone number
  8. Enter your MTN Mobile Money PIN code

After entering your MTN Mobile Money PIN, wait for a while and you will receive message from MTN confirming that you have successfully transferred airtime to that number.

Send Airtime Using MTN Mashup

The MTN Pulse/Mashup has been another way we could utilize and transfer airtime to other MTN number of our friends. Despite the airtime, you can also make purchase for internet bundles to friends and loved ones.

There can be airtime and bundle transferred to another MTN number via MTN Pulse. Here is how to go about and transfer airtime and bundle to another MTN number.

How To Buy Airtime For Another MTN Number Using MTN Pulse/Mashup

  1. Dial the Mashup code *567# and press send
  2. Enter the option 2 for mash-up for others
  3. Enter the recipient’s number
  4. Re-enter the recipient’s number
  5. Enter the amount to send
  6. Choose whether to use MTN Mobile Money or airtime
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Congratulations! You will now receive a message that your transaction is done successfully .

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