How To Start A Vehicle Transport Business In Ghana 2022

By | March 22, 2022
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This is an introduction to the vehicle transport business in Ghana for beginners.

The vehicle transport business has been there for many years and many people have earned huge income from this lucrative business.

If you are reading this article, this means you are curious to know more about How To Start A Vehicle Transport Business In Ghana and everything it entails in transport business and if you’re new to this transport business.

Take some moments and surf through this article as a guide to help you know and understand every single detail we shall give out in other for you to start well and not to repeat mistakes other people have made in starting transport business.

There are 4 key points you need to know and understand very well if you want to be great and very good transport business.

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Passion is an intense liking or enthusiasm or obsession for a thing or activity it is the motivating fault that allows one to do more than just enough. You need to sleep eat drink and breathe passion for every business you want to start.

Passion is the first thing you need to accomplish greatness.

Do you know a friend, sibling, or somebody close to you who always talks about cars, football, video games, food, and health and spends most of their time doing something about it? Now that’s passion.

You need to have a passion for cars and other car-related products to help you succeed in tansport business.


If you want to learn something learn it from someone who has done it.

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Learn how to drive and get a valid driver’s license. Yes, it is very important, I believe in self-education and that is what you are also doing right now by reading this article in your own free will because you want to learn and grow.

On the opposite, you are not allowed to do that in school. In school, you can’t learn at your own pace and you can’t change topics when you are not interested in them.

Educate yourself thoroughly read, watch and listen to information on the transport business – of course, not all will be true but compare and contrast, you’ll get the wisdom above the noise.

Talk to those who are in the transport business, let them share with you some of the experiences they have had.

When you take a taxi or public bus don’t just sit to you alight, try to sit close to the driver and engage in short conversations.

Ask them how long they have been in the industry,  some of the challenges they face on day to day basis and the benefits they get.

For them not to think you are delving into their private matter you have to be shrewd in how you ask questions, when you continue to do that you will see similarities in the answers they give and that will help you to fish out the right one.

A  car welder, auto electrician, auto mechanics are people who also spend more of their time with drivers trying to fix their vehicles you can also learn much from them.

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Now you have the knowledge, you need experience. Don’t start a vehicle transport business if you don’t have experience and the best way to get that is to get a job in a field like that and learn the ups and downs in it.

Online sites Tonton, Jiji, Jobberman, and the likes are sites you can get a job offered by individuals and companies as a driver.

Instead of buying the vehicle, it will be better to find someone who has it and use it to gain experience first.

You will make mistakes and fail along the way that’s normal don’t be discouraged.

Invest in yourself first, that’s the first thing to greatness.


Don’t start a vehicle transport business if you don’t have money.

During your experience period is where you need to save some of the money you’ve earned to be used for investment.

How long should you save? Well, it depends on the choice of the vehicle you want to purchase.

Please bear in mind that for any vehicle that you choose to buy make sure you can buy it twice.

If you can’t buy twice – you can’t afford one, this is a universal rule for buying anything.

We don’t advise you to use your hundred percent investment fund to buy the vehicle.

Why is it not advisable? When it gets stolen, an expensive part gets damaged or the vehicle gets in an accident – to which comprehensive insurance can’t cover you won’t be able to back- up.

Vehicle depreciates in value and the cost of maintenance is high due to that vehicles are not considered as proper investments but you can earn decent money from it if you follow these tips.

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First master the PEEC, that’s Passion, Education, Experience and Capital or else you won’t succeed in the transport business

All the four points mentioned doesn’t happen overnight it takes time so don’t rush just give time.

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