How To Livestream Live Weather Forecast In Ghana

By | June 13, 2022

Weather information has always been seen as a useful service. Most individuals always want to know what the weather will be like outside at some point with event planners and show promoters wanting to know how sweet their shows wil run. 
Due to the planet’s changing climate, extreme weather events such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and heat waves are becoming more common, and the phenomena could lead to a slew of new conditions that people will be keen to learn about. The changing climate on the planet is anticipated to have a greater impact on people’s health.

In Ghana, the GHANA METEOROLOGICAL AGENCY is in charge of all the weather updates we receive daily. GMA is located in East Legon behind the Trinity College, Legon and they are there to assist Ghanaians to know about the weather and climate.

The live weather forecast can be seen when you visit the official website of the Ghana Meteorological Agency on They display the current weather updates on the right side of the website when you log onto it.

General Services Of Ghana Meteorological Agency

a) Daily Weather Forecast:
They provide information on weather situation on daily basis. This is either through the print or electronic mail
b) Individual Request:
Weather information for specific functions or for outdoor meetings. It could be via fax, phone or write us stating period or area.
c) Public/Private Sector Institutions of Companies:

They provide information to agencies/institutions/organizations/and social services facilities providers (NGOs) etc. Forestry, Game and Wildlife, Industries, Agriculture, Health, Tourism and management of dams and water sources etc.

When do I get the data?

The maximum time for the supply of data is between 24 hour – 7 working days. You will be informed in an acknowledgment letter when the information required would be available.

If you however call in person you will be told when and where to collect your data.

What types of data are available?

  • General Weather report
  • Rainfall – daily, monthly or annual including number of rainy days and intensities
  • Evaporation
  • Humidity
  • Sunshine duration
  • Wind speed/Direction
  • Air Temperatures
  • Soil/Earth Temperatures
  • Cloud Cover

How To Contact Ghana Meteorological Agency

P.O. BOX 87,

You can also visit them on

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