How to apply for students loan in Ghana

By | June 8, 2022
How to apply for students loan in Ghana

The Students Loan Trust Fund is a public institution established under the trustee incorporation Act 1962, Act 106 to provide financial resources for the benefit of students to promote and facilitate the national ideals as enshrined in Articles 25 and 38 of the 1992 constitution.

Before you can apply for a student loan in Ghana, you must first enroll in a tertiary institution in Ghana. These loan offering institutions work closely with the tertiary institutions. One has to be eligible before applying for a student loan in ghana, and there are some specific requirements that must be met by students. some of them are listed below.

  • You must be a Ghanaian citizen living and schooling in ghana
  • You must be admitted to a recognized tertiary institution in ghana accredited by the ghana national accreditation board.
  • course/programmes must be accredited by nab.
  • You should have a need for assistance. the loans are advanced to needy students

How to Apply for Student Loan Trust Fund

Having met the general requirements for the Student Loan Trust Fund, there are other specific requirements that must be met by the applicant.

A Guarantors and guarantee

Your loan application must be guaranteed by any one of the following guarantors (SSNIT contributor, Recognized Religious Body, Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assembly and Corporate body).

SNNIT Contributor Guarantor

  • Must be a Ghanaian
  • Must be an active contributor to the SSNIT pension scheme.
  • Must have contributed to the SSNIT scheme for at least 36 months or 3 years.
  • Must not be more than 53 years old.
  • Must not have guaranteed for more than one (1) person already. (Parents can however, guarantee for all their children) Religious Body
  • Must be a member of a recognized, national religious body.
  • There must be evidence of the Institution’s decision to guarantee (Resolution). Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies
  • There must be evidence of Resolution by the Assembly to guarantee student loans.
  • The resolution should indicate 2 authorized signatories.
  • Signatories must include the Chief Executive Corporate Bodies
  • The company must be a member of Ghana club 100 and/or a company listed on the Ghana Stock at the time of guarantee.
  • There must be a board resolution authorizing the guarantee.
  • Two signatories are required and should at least be at Senior Management position.
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Application Requirements

Before an applicant applies for the loan he/she will require the following in order to successfully apply. Until these are provided the application will not be successful.

  • Telephone number of both applicant and guarantor
  • An E-zwich account that should be linked to your Bank account in the same bank.
  • Social security number
  • Should be a registered student of his/her school
  • Must have one personal guarantor who should either be a SSNIT contributor, MMDA, Religious Body or a Corporate Body. Please refer to guarantor requirement for details.
  • Two passport size photographs.

Application process for Students Loan Trust fund

  • To apply follow these easy steps:
  • Step 1 Log on to the SLTF website
  • Step 2 Follow the link on the website and apply for a loan
  • Step 3 Follow general instructions in filling out forms online (Upload a passport picture online)
  • Step 4 Print out the summary pages of your Loan Application Form
  • Step 5 Print out and complete the Guarantor Deed and Students Loan
  • Agreement forms (Complete all forms in BLACK INK and BLOCK LETTERS only)
  • Step 6 Have your fingerprints (INDEX AND THUMB) and your guarantor’s
  • THUMB PRINT taken at any SSNIT branch office. You will be assisted by a SSNIT official. (Guarantor thumbprint applies to SSNIT guarantors only).
  • Step 7 Attach photocopies of the following:
  • i. Student ID card and Admission letter.
  • ii. SSNIT ID number or SSNIT reference number.
  • iii. e-zwich card (both sides).
  • Step 8 Submit 2 original copies of the duly completed forms and copies of the supporting documents to your respective SLTF Campus Office.

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