How To Apply For Canadian Visa In Ghana

By | June 4, 2022
How To Apply For Canadian Visa In Ghana

How to apply for Canadian Visa in Ghana. A Canadian visa allows you to enter Canada to work, study, visit, migrate, or start a business in the country. Hundreds if not thousands of Ghanaians apply for Canadian visas every year to pursue better careers, education, and quality of life in Canada.

The good news is that Canada is welcoming over 1-million immigrants between 2020-2022 through a variety of immigration and visa categories. If you meet the qualifying criteria for any of these programs or visas you could be calling Canada your new home.

Canada has one of the fastest skilled worker immigration systems in the world. It’s known as Express Entry and processes applications in as little as 6 months. That means you could have a permanent resident visa in less than a year! Moreover, workers in transportation, healthcare construction, hospitality, and mining are in-demand across Canada.

How To Apply For Canadian Visa In Ghana

  • Find out if you need a Canadian Visa.
  • Chose the right Canadian Visa type.
  • Complete the online application form.
  • Collect the required documents for a Canadian Visa application.
  • Schedule a Canadian Visa appointment.
  • Attend the Canadian Visa interview.

Canadian Visa Requirements

Below are the Canadian Visa Requirements;

  • Original passport [current and previous if applicable].
  • 3 recent photographs in white background.
  • Financial statements.
  • Employment proof and pay slips.
  • Income tax returns.
  • Hotel bookings or accommodation covering the whole duration of the intended stay.
  • Flight reservation of return or round ticket.
  • NOC for government employees.
  • Retirement letter and pension-related documents.
  • Marriage certificate, if married.
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Canadian Visa Application Centre in Accra

Check out the Canadian Visa Application Centre in Accra

Office Address:
(CVAC operated in partnership with OIM/IOM) International Organization for Migration (IOM) Ghana
House 10, Plot 48, Osu Badu Road/Broadway
Airport West, Accra

Mailing Address:
(CVAC operated in partnership with OIM/IOM) International Organization for Migration (IOM) Ghana
P.O. Box 5222,
Accra-North, Ghana

How much does Canadian Visa cost in Ghana

As a Ghanaian traveling to Canada, you’ll need a visa. Whatever your reason for visiting, you’ll need to pay the stipulated visa fee for Canada. So it’s important you know the cost of Canada visa fee in Ghana before you start your application. Canada visa fee in Ghana depends solely on the kind of visa that you are applying for. Different types of visas command different amounts of fees.

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