Hotels in Kumasi near KNUST

By | June 23, 2022
Hotels in Kumasi near KNUST

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) is a public university in Ghana that focuses on science and technology. The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology is the public university established in the country, as well as the largest university in the Kumasi Metropolis and in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

KNUST has its roots in the plans of Agyeman Prempeh I, a ruler of the Ashanti Kingdom, to establish a university in Kumasi as part of his drive towards modernization of his Ashanti kingdom. This plan never came to fruition due to the clash between British empire expansion and the desire for King Prempeh I to preserve his Ashanti kingdom’s independence.

Hotels in Kumasi near KNUST

Now let’s take a look at some of the hotels in Kumasi near KNUST

  1. Asantewaa Premier Guesthouse
  2. Oak Plaza Suites
  3. Homey Lodge
  4. Lake Bosomtwe Paradise Resort
  5. Obaa’s Golden Plaza Hotel
  6. Sweet Pee Executive Hotel
  7. La-VIV Royal Hotel
  8. Abank Village
  10. Ike’s Cultural Village
  11. The Haven Boutique Hotel
  12. Great Mission Hotel
  14. Four Villages Inn
  15. Cocoa Village Guesthouse
  16. Frederick’s Lodge
  17. Golden Bean Hotel
  18. Moon & Star Guest House
  19. Villa Sankofa
  20. Daddy’s Lodge
  21. Lake Point Guest House
  22. Wildwin Resorts
  23. Sweet Garden Hotel & Restaurant
  24. The Green Ranch
  25. Noble House Kumasi
  26. LaRosa Executive Guest House
  27. Engineering Guest House
  28. Precevid’s Rosewood Cottage Hotel
  29. Okumah Hotel
  30. Excelsa Lodge
  31. Stadium Hotel
  32. Roses Guest House
  33. Royal Lamerta Hotel
  34. Barekese Odumase Guest House
  35. Faustamed Guest House
  36. Tina’s Guest House
  37. Seasons Lodge
  38. Camp Martin Hotel
  39. Golden Gate Hotel
  40. Rosapearl Hotel
  41. Juliderm Guest House
  42. Jostev Hotel
  43. Presbyterian Guest House
  44. Sir Max Hotel
  45. Ceeta Kel Hotel
  46. Governor Gardens Hotel
  47. Maplewood Hotel
  48. Marbon Hotel
  49. Promising Stars Hotel
  50. Rexmar Hotel
  51. Chez Royale Hotel
  52. Lake Road Hotel
  53. Senator Hotel
  54. True Vine Hotel
  55. Crystal Rose Hotel
  56. Ducor Palace Hotel
  57. Exclusive Royal Barbican Hotel
  58. Champion International Hotel
  59. Hotel De Texas
  60. Justice Hotel
  61. Open Space Hotel
  62. Sports Hotel Kumasi
  63. Hotel De Oscor
  64. Nicolizy Hotel
  65. Nurom Hotel
  66. Anita Hotel
  67. Cedar Crescent Hotel
  68. Sika Palace Hotel
  69. Summer Park Hotel
  70. Golden Home Touch Hotel
  71. Ashfood Court Hotel
  72. Ashanti Gold Hotel

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