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By | March 13, 2022

Washing machines have come to save us from the tough decisions we make when we want to do our laundry and the time we see to be wasting in carrying out a tiring activity.

In this article, we are walking you through the nitty-gritty you need to know about Hisense Washing Machines and the benefits accrued to owning one of them.

Hisense washing machines are easy and convenient to operate and as the name implies, they have built in such a way that their sense is too high to respond to the needs of clients.

Doing your laundry with your bare hands will be a thing of the past when you purchase a Hisense washing machine to take over all your washing needs.

Features Of HiSense Washing Machines

  • Smart Spin Imbalance Adjustment to redistribute your laundry inside the drum to ensure smooth and quiet spin operation.
  • Smart Foam-Control to automatically measure and adjusts the amount of foam build-up during the wash cycle. Too much detergent may create excess foam and leave residue on your clothes.
  • Smart Wash Time Adjustment to adjust wash time based on the weight of your laundry.
  • They have efficient cooling systems to make the washing machine cool down after working for sometime.

Types Of HiSense Washing Machines

  • HiSense Washing Machines comes in different types depending on the nature of work you intend to use it for. There are commercial washing machines suited for washing large number of clothes at a time and the domestic ones for households. Below are the types of Hisense washing machines you can find on the market.
  • The top-loading washing machine: some of the feratures it boasts of are a stainless steel tub, filter drain pump, wash time remaining indicator, power off memory, led display and other several features.
  • Twin-tap semi auto washing machine: It has a 14kg loading capacity, multiple wash programs and spin speeds which is capable to taking on heavy industrial and commercial laundry.

Price Of Hisense Washing Machine

The price of the washing machine depends on a host of factors and market conditions. The current depreciation of the Ghana cedi has made the price to shoot up recently and it is believed that things would be restored to normalcy when the Ghana cedi gets stable.

The price of the machines ranges from GHS 1650 to GHS 3000.

Where To buy Hisense Washing Machine

There are accredited Hisense dealer shops scattered across the nation and they sell the approved products at competitive rates. You can walk into any of the shops and get one for yourself.

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