Headquarters Ghana Immigration Service Accra

By | September 12, 2022

Ghana immigration service headquarters is located at HRC5+832, John Kasavubu Rd, Accra

The immigration service is under the ministry of Interior.

The Ministry of Interior being the government’s chief agency in charge of maintenance and enforcement of Internal Law and Order has agencies under it that have specific functions aimed at achieving the overall purpose of the Ministry and the country as a whole.

The Institutions through which the Ministry performs its functions are. The Ministry is headed by the Minister of Interior, who is appointed by the President of Ghana and is approved by the Ghana Parliament after a vetting process.

The Minister of Interior is Ambrose Dery since January 2017. The Ghana Immigration Service is mandated to regulate and monitor the entry, residence, employment and exit of all foreigners.

Movement of Ghanaians into and out of the country is equally monitored.  Administering the rights of visitors to Ghana.  Detecting and stopping threats at entry points. Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) revolve.

Twelve (12) sections make up the Processing Unit. To achieve its mandate and objectives, the Ministry operates through ten (10) Agencies: 

  • Ghana Police Service
  • Ghana Prisons Service
  • Ghana National Fire Service
  • Ghana Immigration Service
  • Narcotics Control Commission
  • National Disaster Management Organization
  • Gaming Commission of Ghana
  • National Commission on Small Arms and Light Weapons
  • National Peace Council
  • Ghana Refugee Board

What are the positions in Ghana Immigration Service?

Ghana Immigration Service ranks system

    Comptroller – General of Immigration.

    Deputy Comptroller – General of Immigration.

    Commissioner of Immigration.

    Deputy Commissioner of Immigration.

    Assistant Commissioner of Immigration.

    Chief Superintendent of Immigration.

    Superintendent of Immigration

E-mail: [email protected]

Front Desk/Reception: +233 (0)302-224445 / 221667 / 674125 / 213401 

Comptroller-General’s Secretariat: +233(0)302-258250 

Fax: +233(0)302- 258249 

Kotoka International Airport (KIA): +233 (0)302-776171 / 777401 / 762616

Enforcement: +233 (0)302-685007 / 665874 / 685004 / 685000

Digital Address: GA-110-4188 

Tema: +233 (0)303-206656 / 212115 / 202552

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