Guest Houses in Koforidua and their prices per night

By | June 23, 2022
Hotels in Kumasi near KNUST

A guest house is an accommodation where a traveler stays in a home hosted by a local resident. Guest houses are a type of inexpensive hotel, like lodging. it is a private home that has been converted for the exclusive use of lodging.

The owner usually lives in an entirely separate area within the property and the guest house may serve as a form of lodging business. Guest houses can be standalone houses or apartments and can offer a range of sleeping options, from single beds to multi-room private units.

Some only offer one room, others offer many. Guest house cleanliness standards have improved significantly over the past few decades. These days, guest houses’ common areas, bathrooms, and kitchens are expected to be cleaned daily and bedrooms cleaned between guests.

Their atmosphere can feel more like a home than a business, and rules often aren’t rigid. This makes guest houses ideal for travelers seeking a relaxed, homely atmosphere.
Guest houses are often family-owned and operated.

Many don’t hire outside staff. Hosts may handle all duties or split them between family members.
Now let’s take a look at some of the Guest Houses in Koforidua and their prices per night.

  1. Kingsville Guest House GH¢388 per night
  2. Oak Guest House GH¢264 per night
  3. Charfort Guest House GH¢195 per night
  4. Maybeth Guest House GH¢94 per night
  5. Gift Guest House GH¢304 per night
  6. Grech Guest House GH¢230 per night
  7. Bright Hotel & Suites GH¢348 per night
  8. Bays Villa GH¢195 per night
  9. Logess Estates Guest House GH¢380 per night
  10. New page Guest House GH¢179 per night
  11. Serenity Lodge GH¢172 per night
  12. Bmck Homes GH¢317 per night
  13. Janesis Holiday HomesGH¢348 per night
  14. Samrule Holdings GH¢148 per night
  15. The Palace Home GH¢546 per night
  16. Zito Guest House GH¢328 per night
  17. The Grey Swan GH¢437 per night
  18. AlanVal Apartments. GH¢624 per night
  19. Bribong Suites. GH¢991 per night
  20. Prestige Guest House GH¢367 per night
  21. Aiden Homes & Apartments GH¢567 per night
  22. Mac- P Guest House GH¢250 per night
  23. 3A’s Guest House GH¢312 per night
  24. Royal Triangle Guest House GH¢341 per night
  25. Highlander Guest House GH¢304per night
  26. Power Guest House GH¢280 per night
  27. Obodan Guest House GH¢423 per night
  28. Green Card Guest House GH¢189 per night
  29. Amaaco Guest House GH¢370 per night
  30. Meet Idoors Guest House GH¢257 per night
  31. Delako Guest House GH¢199per night
  32. Bella Vista Luxury Guest House GH¢431 per night
  33. Agonaba Guest House GH¢321 per night
  34. Jaylight Guest House GH¢532 per night
  35. Good Wife Guest House GH¢275 per night
  36. Echo Guest House GH¢642 per night
  37. Shanti Guest House GH¢450 per night
  38. Travellers Palm Court GH¢390 per night
  39. Greenvilla’s Apartments GH¢351 per night

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