Ghana Navy Prospectus

By | September 5, 2022
Ghana Navy Rank And Their Names

The Ghana Navy prospectus contains the items for use at the training schools when selected to join GN.

Almost all the items needed are similar to the demands of the three (3) divisions in the Ghana Armed Forces. Make sure your prepare for all the current items adequately when called to report for training on the due date

How many divisions are in GAF?

There are three (3) divisions called Army, Navy, and Air Force. The Ghana Armed Forces is a collective body that has Ghana Army, Ghana Navy, and Ghana Air Force.

The Army has three(3) Commands across the country. The Central, Southern, and Northern commands.

In the Navy, they have unique colours which are ultramarine, Iceberg & Blue-grey colors. They have a Naval Headquarters situated in Accra called Burma Camp. Also, they have 3 commands for operation. Check below for the Navy commands in Ghana.

The Ghana Navy also has three (3) Commands in Ghana namely:
The western naval command is located in Sekondi, the Eastern naval command is located in Tema, and the Naval Training Command is in Sogakorfe. Ghana Air Force operates in the air/sky. Just as the name suggests, they use military aircraft including other machines that aid their sky operations.

They also have their Headquarters in Burma Camp, Accra. But, their main Air Force Base is found in Accra.

Ghana navy Prospectus below;

Below are what they need from qualified applicants:

1 student mattress
Suitcase or trunk
2 pillowcases
1 bedspread
2 white bed sheets
4 handkerchiefs
2 hangers
Black or brown sandals
White canvas
Electric iron
Scrubbing brush
2 plates
Cutlery set
1 bucket and pail
T roll
2 towels
2 napkins
Black church shoe
Hair pomade
Body pomade
1 white long sleeve shirt
2 white shirts
4 singlets
3 sets of house attire
Mosquito net


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