Ghana Custom Service Salary

By | September 5, 2022
Customs Service Training School In Ghana

The Custom Excise and Preventive Service (CEPS) is an Agency under The Ghana Revenue Authority responsible for regulating, monitoring, and assessing exports and imports in and out of Ghana. The main function of the Customs Division is the collection of Import Duty, Import VAT, Export Duty, Petroleum Tax, Import Excise, and other taxes.

The Customs Division also ensures the protection of revenue by preventing smuggling. This is done by physically patrolling the borders and other strategic points, examination of goods, and search of premises, as well as documents relating to the goods.

Customs and border inspectors check persons and vehicles crossing national borders to administer and enforce relevant government rules and regulations.

Ghana Custom Service Salary

  • Salary range for the majority of workers in Customs and border inspect from GH₵703 to GH₵4,521 per month – 2022.
  • A Customs and border inspector typically earns between GH₵703 and GH₵2,110 net per month at the start of the job.
  • After 5 years of service, this is between GH₵1,070 and GH₵3,197 per month for a working week of 40 hours.

Job Responsibilities

  • Patrolling national borders and coastal waters to stop persons from illegally entering or leaving the country and from illegally importing or exporting currency or goods
  • Checking travel documents of persons crossing national borders to ensure that they have the necessary authorizations and certificates
  • Inspecting the luggage of persons crossing national borders to ensure that it conforms to government rules and regulations concerning import or export of goods and currencies
  • Examining transport documents and freight of vehicles crossing national borders to ensure conformity with government rules and regulations concerning goods in transit and the import and export of goods, and to verify that necessary payments have been made
  • Detaining persons and seizing prohibited and undeclared goods found to be in violation of immigration and customs laws
  • Co-ordinating and co-operating with other agencies involved in law enforcement, deportation and prosecution
  • Performing related administrative tasks to record findings, transactions, violations and determinations
  • When necessary, testifying in a court of law about the circumstances and results of investigations carried out

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