Ghana Armed Forces Training Sample And Overview

By | September 2, 2022
Ghana Armed Forces Training Sample And Overview

The Ghana Armed Forces is the national defense team assigned for peaceful co-existence in the country.

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How Long Is The Ghana Military Training?

The duration of the course for army cadets is two years. At the end of the first six months, a few candidates may be selected to finish their studies at a foreign institution such as the royal military academy at Sandhurst in Britain.

Types of Soldiers

The Ghana Armed Forces is the unified armed force of Ghana  consisting of the following:

  • Army
  • Navy
  • Ghana air force.

The commander in chief of the GHANA ARMED FORCES is the president of Ghana ,who is also the supreme military commander of the BORDER GUARD UNIT.

Military recruit training

Military recruit training is commonly known as basic training or boot camp.  It is a physically and psychologically intensive process, which re-socializes its subjects for the unique demands of military employment.

 Common features include:

  • physical training
  • weapons training
  •  foot drill
  • Inspection
  • Graduation parade

Psychological conditioning techniques are used to shape attitudes and behaviors so that recruits will obey all orders, face mortal danger, and kill their opponents in battle.

Instructors may deprive recruits of sleep, food, or shelter; shout personal insults; use physical aggression, or give orders intended to humiliate.

Recruits are taught the basic skills of their profession, such as military tactics, first aid, managing their affairs in the field, and the use of weaponry and other equipment.

Recruits who complete their initial training normally take part in a graduation parade called passing out. The parade is observed by their family and friends, and senior military personnel. Recruits then pass to the next stage of their training, if applicable.

Recruit training varies by nation according to the national requirement and can be voluntary (volunteer military) or mandatory (conscription). Some nations operate both volunteer and conscription systems simultaneously.

Recruit training differs according to military branch:

  • Army and Marine Corps recruits are normally trained in basic marksmanship with individually assigned weapons, field maintenance of weapons, physical fitness training, first aid, and basic survival and infantry techniques.
  • Navy and Coast Guard training usually focuses on water survival training, physical fitness, basic seamanship, and such skills as shipboard fire fighting, basic engineering, and signals
  • Air Force and Space Force training usually includes physical fitness training, military and classroom instructions, basic airmanship/guardianship, and field training in basic marksmanship and first aid

Ghana Armed Forces Training Sample And Overview

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