Ghana Armed Forces Protocol Recruitment: How Does It Work In Ghana?

By | August 31, 2022
Ghana Armed Forces Recruitment

The Ghana Armed Forces are particular about the people they select every year to go through training since they have the security of the Ghanaian citizens at heart. Not everyone can go offer the sacrifice that these people are willing to give out to their motherland.

As every institution have its general mode of recruiting, there is always a second chance given to people who are not able to pass through the general procedure which is more flexible as compared to the general recruitment method. 

This year’s protocol recruitment came off in August after the general application took place in July.  The protocol recruitment as the goes mostly works as a means to help those who do not have the necessary qualification to get the chance to do what they desire.

Ghana Armed Forces Protocol Recruitment: How Does It Work In Ghana?

This protocol system works when one knows high people in the army institution who are able to influence the list of qualified people. In other to go through this procedure, the individual must be prepared to pay something in return for the favor that will be done to them.

Having the means to get recruited, there is the to look out for the high profile persons who are willing to help them get into the institution. Though the protocol team takes something for the favor offered, individuals must be informed that the people do not do the favors for just anyone `but for those who are willing to put down their lives for the country.

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