Free Agradaa, She Did No Wrong – Serwaa Amihere Explains Why Agradaa Isn’t Guilty

By | October 10, 2022
Serwaa Amihere biography and net worth

Serwaa Amihere has come out in support of Agradaa, despite widespread calls for her imprisonment. Serwaa Amihere, a television journalist, has backed the embattled Evangelist, Agradaa, in the wake of the money-doubling scam claims brought against her. In a Twitter thread, she detailed what transpired before and during the infamous All Night Service, which landed Agradaa in hot water.

According to Serwaa Amihere, the money doubling allegations make no sense based on the alleged advertisement and what happened in the church. She claims that if Agradaa is prosecuted for this, many pastors and religious leaders should be prosecuted as well.
Agradaa was today’s court case denied bail and will remain in detention until the following court date, which is

Read her entire thread below,

Like i said, I wasn’t at the church but curiousity has made me watch excerpts of the all night ..

1)What she said inviting people to her church was, she had 3 billion old Cedis she was going to be doling out at her all night.

Now when the all-night began, she asked the congregants to make an offering to God. Most of them did not make an offering.

In fact, she mentioned the amounts in classes and few people went and reduced it to smaller and smaller amounts.

In fact she complained that they don’t want to give so when they see someone getting a big amount they shouldn’t be surprised.

When they were done, she then called those who gave the biggest offerings to the front and had them pick papers which had amounts written on them.

Someone got 5k, others 1k, etc. The person who gave the most got 20k.

It’s not everyone who went there that got the money.
That is true.

So from the foregone, where is the impersonation and the so-called money doubling charges coming from?
Unless there’s a promise she made I haven’t seen..

Before you insult me , i am asking questions”

In another post Serwaa Amihere said what Agradaa did happens in many churches because people give us their money to religious leaders every 7 days.

If Agradaa suffers prosecution, then many, many, many pastors, religious folks in Ghana must also be prosecuted.

People agree to give their money to others to chop tax free in this country every 7 days or even less.“

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