FM stations in Accra

By | July 16, 2022
FM stations in Accra

FM stations play a significant role in informing, educating, and enlightening everyday public life. It also performs entertainment roles through music, drama, talk shows, live sports, and other soft angles that appeal to such societies.

In Ghana, Radio broadcasting still reigns supreme over other forms of mass media channels. Radio is a powerful medium for celebrating humanity in all its diversity and constitutes a platform for democratic discourse. At the global level, radio remains the most widely consumed medium. This unique ability to reach out to the widest audience means radio can shape a society’s experience of diversity, and stand as an arena for all voices to speak out, be represented, and be heard.

Besides this, radio helps listeners feel less isolated and more connected to their community. In times of emergency and disaster, radio broadcasting is one of the most powerful and effective ways of delivering early warnings. Timely, relevant, and practical information supports effective response measures and saves lives. For people directly affected, it comes as a vital form of humanitarian assistance. As we have seen during the COVID-19 pandemic, radio has kept people connected and entertained, ensured continuity in learning, helped fight misinformation, and disseminated critical health information.

The popularity of FM radio grew in the 1950s and 1960s, as the FCC opened up more channels to broadcasters and FM sets became cheaper and more readily available. Car companies introduced FM car radios in 1963. In 1964, the FCC ordered that FM stations stop simulcasting and create original programming for FM broadcasting.

The National Communications Authority (NCA), has given frequency authorizations to 684 FM Broadcasting Stations in Ghana. Out of the total number of authorized FM Broadcasting Stations, 489 stations are currently operational as of Fourth Quarter, 2021.

Below are the definitions of the various classification of FM Stations:

  1. Public – all stations owned and operated by the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) and/or any other station established by the Government of Ghana by a statutory enactment.
  2. Public Foreign – stations established by Foreign Governments through diplomatic arrangements to rebroadcast/relay content from foreign countries e.g. BBC, RFI, VoA.
  3. Commercial – those that are privately owned and operated for profit and controlled privately by independent commercial groups or individuals.
  4. Community – a non-profit broadcasting service provided for a specific marginalised community by a radio or television station whose ownership and management are representative of the community for which the service is provided.
  5. Campus – a station operated within the ambit of educational institutions.

Below is the list of FM stations in Accra, location and their frequency:

87.5 Rainbow Radio
Adabraka, 123 Kwame Nkrumah Ave

87.9 Atlantis Radio
Mildreville, 6 Water Rd

88.5 Green FM

88.7 Sunny FM
North Ridge, 45 Hilla Limann Ave

89.1 Prime FM
Abelemkpe, 13 Trotro Crescent

89.5 RFI English Service
RFI Afrique Adjangote, GBC Tower

89.9 Pluzz FM
West Hills Mall

90.5 Radio Gold
Laterbiokorshie, 596/4 Link Rd

90.9 Breeze FM
McCarthy Hill

91.3 Class FM
North Labone, 3rd Dade Walk

91.9 Original FM
42 Dr. Isert St

92.3 Ahotor FM

92.5 Destiny FM
East Legon

92.7 3FM
Kanda, 59 Presidential Dr

93.1 Radio XYZ

93.3 Amanie FM

93.5 Vision 1 FM
St. Johns

93.9 Hot FM
Adabraka, 3 Farrah Ave

94.3 Sweet Melodies FM
North Kaneshie, 111 Palace Loop

94.7 Asempa FM
Trust Towers

95.1 Onua FM
Kanda, 59 Presidential Dr

95.7 GBC Uniiq FM
Adjangote, GBC Tower

96.1 Pentvars Radio
Kaneshie, Pentecost University

96.1 Latenu FM

96.3 Trust FM

96.5 GBC Obonu FM

96.9 Pink FM

97.3 Citi FM
Adabraka, 11 Tettey Loop

97.7 Radio GIJ
Osu, Ghana Institute of Journalism

97.9 Power FM
Adjei Kojo – Kanewu

98.1 VOA Africa
Adjangote, GBC Tower

98.5 Oxzy FM

98.9 Happy FM
Dzorwulu, 129 Osu Badu Street

99.3 Marhaba FM
Kokomlemle, 4 Star Ave

99.5 Asaase Radio
9 5th Circular Rd

99.7 Joy FM
Trust Towers

100.1 Montie FM
Latebiokorshe, Barnor Jct

100.5 Neat FM
North Labone, 3rd Dade Walk

100.9 Neat FM
Tesano, Abeka Jct, Ship House

101.1 Dadi FM

101.3 BBC World Service
Adjangote, GBC Tower

101.7 Okay FM
Tesano, Abeka Jct, Ship House

102.1 Zylofon FM
Lagos Ave

102.5 Kasapa FM

102.7 Spring FM

102.9 Angel 102.9
Lapaz, Obleku Circle

103.1 Top FM
Kokomlemle, 40 Royal Castle Rd

103.5 Starr FM
Ring Road, Meridian House

103.9 Hitz FM
Trust Towers

104.3 Peace FM
Tesano, Abeka Jct, Ship House

104.7 Atinka FM

105.1 Dofopa
FM Ebony Jct

105.3 No.1 FM
North Labone, 3rd Dade Walk

105.7 Radio Univers
Legon, University of Ghana

105.9 FAWE FM
Fotobi, Nsawam-Aburi Road

106.3 Adom FM
Trust Towers

106.9 Obra pa FM

107.1 Oman FM
Madina Zongo Jct, Hollywood Building

107.7 Kingdom FM
191 Legon E Rd

107.5 Eezy FM
Avenor Jct, Capital Mall Building

107.9 YFM 107.9
Dzorwulu, 129 Osu Badu St

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