Elijah Mccoy cause of death

By | January 12, 2023
Elijah Mccoy cause of death

What was Elijah McCoy cause of death? Elijah McCoy was a Canadian-American engineer of African-American descent who developed lubrication systems for steam engines. He was born in 1844 in Colchester, Ontario, to George and Mildred Goins McCoy.

They were runaway slaves who had used the Underground Railroad at the time to travel from Kentucky to Ontario. George and Mildred arrived in Essex County, Essex Township, in what was then Upper Canada, through Detroit in 1837. Elijah McCoy was the eleventh of eleven children.

Ten of the kids were born in Ontario, from Alfred 1836 to William 1859. Elijah McCoy was only able to get employment as a fireman and oiler with the Michigan Central Railroad when he arrived in Michigan.

McCoy also performed more skilled labor in a home-based machine shop in Ypsilanti, such as improving and inventing. He invented an automatic lubricator for oiling the steam engines of trains and ships, which he patented in 1872 as an Improvement in Lubricators for Steam Engines.

McCoy continued to refine and build new devices after receiving Patent No. 12 in the United States of America and was highlighted in journals such as the Railroad Gazette at the time.

The majority of his inventions were for lubrication systems, including one in 1898 for a lubrication system that had a glass sight-feed’ tube to check the rate of oil delivery (US Patent 614,307). He married Mary Eleanora Delaney for the second time in 1873.

The couple moved to Detroit when McCoy found work. Mary McCoy was a founder member of the Phillis Wheatley Home for Aged Colored Men, which opened in 1898 and closed in 1923.

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Elijah Mccoy cause of death: How did Elijah Mccoy die?

What was Elijah McCoy cause of death? Elijah McCoy passed away in the Eloise Infirmary in Nankin Township, now Westland, Michigan, on October 10, 1929, at the age of 85. He had been hurt in the same car accident that killed his wife Mary seven years earlier. He was laid to rest in Detroit Memorial Park East in Warren, Michigan.

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