DVLA Ghana Road Worthy Fees In Ghana 2022

By | February 11, 2022
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The Drivers and Vehicles license authority (DVLA) is the administrative body in charge of vehicle registration, licensing, and safety in Ghana. It is also responsible for issuing driving licenses, vehicle insurance, and driver’s education.

The DVLA was established by an Act of Parliament in 1968 to replace the former Motor Traffic Department.

The department employs about 700 people who are divided into five sections: Vehicle Registration; Driver’s Licensing; Driver’s Education; Vehicle Insurance; and Road Safety.

The DVLA has a duty to make sure that all drivers on Ghana roads are able to drive safely. It does this by making sure that drivers have the correct documentation before they can drive their vehicles on Ghana roads. It also makes sure that all vehicles are roadworthy and safe to be driven on the roads.

The Ghanaian government has introduced new road-worthy fees for vehicles to be registered in the country. The DVLA ghana road worthy fees are as follows:

  • For private cars: GH¢100
  • For commercial vehicles: GH¢300
  • For buses: GH¢500


  • Present Vehicle Registration Certificate (V. C. R) to the cashier and pay road use fee
  • Present vehicle along with vehicle registration certificate for vehicle examination and verification respectively
  • Roadworthiness sticker is issued upon satisfactory result from vehicle inspection

The DVLA can use the data it collects on drivers to identify which cars are most likely to be driven by people who are not road worthy.

The DVLA has a list of factors that it considers when deciding whether or not a driver is roadworthy. These factors include age, gender, convictions and medical conditions.

What to look for in a roadworthy?

To pass a Certificate of Roadworthiness examination in Ghana by DVLA, a car should be in a good condition.

  • All components must function correctly, be mounted securely and correctly located.
  • All brake components must be free from visible wear, distortion or damage.
  • Vehicle parking and emergency brakes must be functioning correctly.
  • All accessories should function correctly without impeding performance and must be suitable for the intended task.

Take note that with the above you need to allow a Licensed Vehicle Tester check the the car.

How long does road worthy last in Ghana?

The road worthy in Ghana last for one year for private vehicles, and six months for commercial vehicles.

How much is motor licence Ghana?

The cost of a learner’s permit is GHC 160, the road sign test is GHC 50 and the driving test is also GHC 50.

Contacts Of DVLA

Contact information of driver and vehicle licensing authority in Ghana Ministry of Transport

  • P.O. Box M57 Ministries, Accra-Ghana
  • Phone: +233 (0) 302 661575, +233 (0) 302 671328
  • Fax: +233 (0) 302 76 3908, +233249241251
  • Email: [email protected]

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