Daily Graphic Job Advertisement Today In Ghana

By | February 12, 2022
Daily Graphic Job Advertisement Today In Ghana

The daily graphic is the flagship newspaper that was launched in 1950. Its contents cover a wide range of topics like business, politics, education, women, and personality profile among others. We will get to know some of the job advertisements available in the daily graphics in today’s write-up.

Daily Graphic Job Advertisement Today In Ghana

Daily Graphic Job Advertisement Today In Ghana is one of the best media platforms in the world to advertise job vacancies and also recruitment information. Here is a list of job advertisements:

Administrative officer

Administrative officers play a vital role in maintaining the smooth running of the company. In particular, they provide support to senior executives, manage human resources, oversee the processing of information and paperwork, and assist with financial matters such as budgeting and purchasing.

Accounts officer

An accounts officer is an executive position that deals with the financial aspect of a company or organization. An accounts officer must be familiar with all aspects of fiscal control, including bookkeeping and finance. Accounts officers oversee activities such as accounting, cash management, and bank relations.

Marketing coordinator

The marketing coordinator is responsible for coordinating the company’s marketing programs and activities, including strategic planning, implementation, and measurement.

Communication specialist

A communication specialist is a person who is responsible for providing assistance to clients in the areas of communication, public relations, marketing, and publishing.

Administrative Assistant

The primary purpose of any administrative assistant is to provide support to others. They are the first and last line of defense for their employers, as they are often responsible for making sure that the people in charge get what they need when they need it. Administrative assistants can be found in every industry and work at all levels of an organization.

IT officer

The role of the Information Technology Officer is to manage and deliver information technology services and solutions. The IT officer is responsible for establishing, maintaining, and supporting a corporate network that provides access to shared resources such as the Internet, email, databases, and company applications.

Creative designer

A creative designer is a person who has the vision, or ability to see something that others don’t. A creative designer will take an idea and develop it into a tangible item that can be sold or used in some way. This may involve working with others on a project, such as using the services of an accountant to help you manage your finances. A creative designer will also have excellent technical skills relating to their chosen area of work.


A reporter is a person who covers stories for the news media. A journalist is a type of reporter, but there are others, such as commentators or columnists.

Who Is The Owner Of Daily Graphics?

The daily graphic newspaper is owned by Graphic Communications Group Limited. They also print two major newspapers aside from the daily graphic which are The Mirror and Graphic Showbiz.

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  1. Boakye Yiadom Rackmell

    I hereby apply for the position of the accounts officer
    0559527089,I hold HND Computerized Accounting

  2. Zaratu Abdul Rahman

    I want to apply for the position of administrative Assistant.


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