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By | September 2, 2022
History Of Cocoa In Ghana 

The CMC is the world’s largest single Seller and Exporter of premium cocoa from origin. Customers are assured of cocoa that exceeds the rigorous industry standards and meets the unique taste, texture, and appearance of premium quality cocoa CMC’s local and international network gives control over the domestic supply chain and also gives us reach in the international market. The superior quality specification of products and technical skill of staff keep the CMC at the forefront of marketing in the international arena. 

Cocoa Marketing Company

CMC is a wholly subsidiary of the Ghana Cocoa Board, established in 1961 to perform the following functions:

  • To Promote, Sell and Deliver Ghana’s Cocoa to both local cocoa processors and international traders and processors.
  • To take delivery of and store Ghana’s cocoa at its designated warehouses in Tema, Takoradi, and Kumasi take-over centers.
  • To support the financing of Ghana’s cocoa sector by facilitating the annual syndicated loan arrangements and to ensure that sale proceeds are collected towards the repayment of the loan.

The Cocoa Marketing Company has a wholly owned subsidiary i.e. Ghana Cocoa Marketing Company (UK) Ltd. in London, UK, and three take-over centers in Tema, Takoradi, and Kumasi. The Head Office of the CMC is on the third floor of Cocoa House, Kwame Nkrumah Avenue, Accra.

The Company is committed to innovation in its business processes and collaborates effectively with stakeholders to meet the social, economic, and environmental challenges of today’s business environment.

Marketing Operations

Marketing of Ghana’s cocoa beans is the primary objective underpinning the formation of the CMC. Sales of Ghana cocoa beans are done by a group of traders, who monitor price movements in the international cocoa futures markets in London and in New York. Selling decisions are made on the basis of internal strategy toward obtaining the best achievable prices in the market. Sales are done directly to firms, registered as buyers of Ghana cocoa beans and delivered directly to designated ports. The CMC sells cocoa to international cocoa processing companies, chocolate manufacturers, and trade houses. 

The forward sales strategy ensures stable income for the farmer and supports national revenue planning. The Ghana Cocoa Board is able to use forward sales contracts as security to secure annual syndicated financing from international financial institutions. The global reputation of the CMC in the performance of its sales and contract obligations further contributes to the premium that counterparties pay for Ghana cocoa beans.

Services at CMC

Commodities trading (COCOA)

  • Warehousing
  • Shipping/ Logistics
  • Haulage
  • Weighing system
  • Marine insurance

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