Cleanshield Liquid Supplement Price In Ghana

By | February 26, 2022
Cleanshield Liquid Supplement Price In Ghana

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What is a cleanshield liquid supplement?

One of the world’s most powerful alkaline health drinks is Cleanshield liquid supplement. It helps and fights many acute and chronic disorders by balancing your pH level and cleaning your system to activate the body’s own doctor (health system) and boosting your immune system.

Is effective in restoring the body’s PH to normal. At this point, the immune system is boosted, and acidosis is broken down to extinction. Acidosis is a condition in which our bodies are exposed to a high acidic environment. High acidic conditions are the primary cause of diseases and infections such as HPB, high blood cholesterol, Cancer, Ulcer,, Viral infections, Arthritis, Malaria, Typhoid miscarriages, Internal Infections, Eye Problems, Skin Infection, Candida, impotency, erectile dysfunction, asthma, stroke, menstrual pains, hormonal imbalance, memory loss, Diabetes,, Liver, and so on.

Side effects of cleanshield liquid supplement

God created man and placed him in an abundant garden. He supplied all-natural food for man to eat. He implanted a liver, a strong organ that detoxifies everything he ingests. There has been a lot of change since then. Everything has been changed and industrialized by man. Supplements that feed our bodies with nutrients that the liver would naturally manufacture.

According to the manufacturer, Clean Shield is a “detoxifier” that works primarily on your body’s pH levels.
According to research, your body need 20 percent acidity to function at its best, but too much acidity can promote the development of diseases such as cancer and bacterial growth, among others.
Clean shield’s developers put the pH of their product at above 11, despite the fact that the alkaline index only goes up to 14; clean shield is a very alkaline product.
All-natural is a term used by product marketers to indicate that a product is safe and healthy, but is it truly healthy?

What are the negative effects of clean shield liquid supplement?

To begin, it is an industrial product, which means it is manufactured of chemicals. It’s a drug in and of itself. It starts the body’s metabolism as soon as it enters the body through ingestion. It is treated as a toxin, and the liver is called into action.
However, because it contains chemical components that are identical to those produced by our liver, detoxification by your liver would be harmful. As a result, it may result in liver failure.

Food supplements are classified as foods, thus they are not subject to the same level of scrutiny and quality control as medications. There’s a good chance you’ll inadvertently introduce a contaminant. And, because standard regulations do not always require the disclosure of all product constituents, it’s possible that the content you’re eating isn’t exactly what’s on the label.

The physiology of our bodies has different conditions for performance. The disruption in typical routine would be felt as a side effect of clean shield. The enzymes in our bodies, for example, do not all have the same optimal functioning level. When opposed to pro-alkaline enzymes in the mouth, stomach enzymes are more acidic. Because clean shield is a high alkaline substance, stomach acids would have to make a compromise, and our bodies would have to struggle to restore the stomach’s acidity so that the enzymes could return to their usual levels.

The human body is a marvel with which it is nearly hard to fully complement. Yes, science has made great strides in unraveling some of its mysteries, but substituting a manmade product for a naturally occurring substance would be pointless, if it works at all.

Where to Buy Cleanshield Liquid Supplement

This product sells at any recognized shops in Ghana. A few of these shops are

  • Shield Ghana(Madina – Accra)

And many more

How much does a cleanshield liquid supplement sell in Ghana?


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