How To Change Your WASSCE Results To Your Preferred Grades In Ghana – 2022 Guide

By | December 11, 2021
How To Change Your WASSCE Results To Your Preferred Grades In Ghana - 2022 Guide

Upgrade or change your WASSCE results marks, as well as what you should do if you received poor grades should be the desire of any Senior High School candidates who graduated not long ago.

Following the release of WAEC exam results, most students who had failed to meet their academic goals began looking for any way to improve their grades. Various stories about results upgrading, results shifting, and more have been relayed to us by WAEC workers and so-called people with contacts at the WAEC office.

Despite some of the ways you can improve your WAEC results apart from rewriting or returning to school, what do you think can be the best option for any WASSCE candidate?

In certain cases, it could simply be a case of underestimating the situation. If you believe your grades are erroneous, you can request a re-mark from WAEC. Despite the fact that WAEC is Africa’s most dependable test body, they occasionally make mistakes due to high demand.

Latest Ghana has all the information, guide and answer for you — to follow and Change Your WASSCE Results To Your Preferred Grades In Ghana.

In this article guide, I shall walk you through How To Change Your WASSCE Results To Your Preferred Grades In Ghana – 2022 Guide

Returning to school

The majority of pupils believe this to be the most challenging, and almost no one wishes to return to school to retake their WASSCE exams. If you failed the majority of your topics, though, this may be a possible choice.

What else can I do about my WASSCE scores besides rewriting them or going back to school?

The most popular method of changing WASSCE results used by most people is by rewriting the failed papers again through NOV-DEC. The November, December exams by WAEC help students who failed to re-register and work on bettering their grades.

Getting a remark by WAEC

It could be a simple matter of mistake in some cases. You can request a re-mark from WAEC if you believe your grades are incorrect. Even though WAEC is Africa’s most reliable examination powerhouse, with so much demand, they can make blunders.

Going back to school

Most students find this the most difficult, and nearly no one wants to return to school to retake their WASSCE exams. However, if you failed most of your topics, this may be a viable option.

Apart from re-writing or returning to school, what else can I do about my WASSCE results?

If returning to school or retaking your WASSCE are not viable options, click here to explore the Top 10 Universities in Ghana that Accept D7.

Does WAEC change results?

WAEC helps students who want to change their results achieve that by allowing them re-sit their failed subjects to write again and hopefully pass.

No. There is nothing like a results upgrade. Be wary of fraudsters who promise to change candidates’ results for a fee. These are scammers who only want to swindle people. It is illegal to engage with such fraudsters. Be mindful that universities and other institutions verify from WAEC results presented to them by candidates.

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