Catering Schools In Accra: Fees, Courses And Contacts

By | August 3, 2021

If you reside in Accra and you are probably aspiring to enrol in a catering school, then this post might be of much relevance to you. In this article, I will take you through the various catering schools located across the capital city of Accra.

Note that this article does not rank the catering schools we will talk about in any order.

There is a growing need for chefs, event decorators and food designers nowadays in Ghana. Therefore acquiring skills as a caterer or a food designer will go a long way to position you into creating multiple sources of income for yourself.

Also, to become a professional caterer, you are required to acquire training from an accredited catering institute.

Below are some of the catering schools in Accra, Ghana.

Vinesthy Catering School (Spintex)

Vinesthy catering school began as a modest catering school in Burma Camp garage and was established by Mrs Esther Akosua in 1992.

The school was set up with the vision of training young individuals to be competent for the hospitality industry and also to establish their own businesses.

The school offers certificate courses for JHS & SHS leavers as well tertiary graduates.

Courses offered include:

  • Cake decorating and sugar crafting
  • Pastry making
  • bread making
  • Floral decoration
  • Special proficiency classes

Cake Teknik International (East Legon)

Cake Teknik is a high-class ultra-modern catering school located at East Legon. The school was by Mrs Jane Addo, who is an internationally certified culinary staff.

The school offers certificate courses for JHS & SHS leavers as well tertiary graduates.

Courses offered include:

  • Floral decoration
  • Cake designing
  • Catering and culinary skills
  • Pastery and drinks



J’s Cake And Floral Institute (Madina)

J’s cake and floral institute offer 3-month courses in Cake making, Floral and Balloon decorations, Cookery and Digital Marketing.


Telephone: 0302900343 or 0208888044

Dainess Chef School

Dainess Chef School was established in 1990 and was born out of the renowned Dainess Foods.

The school offers certificate courses for JHS & SHS leavers as well tertiary graduates.

Courses offered include:

  • Cookery and Pastery Chef courses among others.


Telephone: 055670769


Nothing should stop you from achieving your dreams. Enroll in any of the above schools to make your dream a reality tomorrow.

This article guide gives you more you may need to know about the catering schools in Accra with their fees and contact locations in Ghana.

All Questions Answered About Catering Schools In Accra

catering schools in Accra and their fees

I believe the information provided above gave you more insights about the list of catering schools in Accra you may need to know today.

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