British Pounds To Cedis Exchange Rate In Ghana

By | October 28, 2022
Ghana Cedi Depreciation

It is known that the US Dollar to the cedis exchange rate is rising in Ghana. Do you also know how the Great British Pounds to the Cedis exchange rate is moving? This article will let you know about the Great British Pounds to the Ghana Cedis exchange rate.

 About the Great British Pounds

The Great British Pounds has the abbreviation GBP. It is also known as British Pound Sterling. The United Kingdom and its regions use the GBP as their official currency. The pound sign (£) serves as a symbol for the British pound sterling, which is also known as “sterling” at times.

About the Ghana Cedi

Ghana uses the cedi as its unit of account. In Republic of Ghana, it is the only kind of legal money still in use now and the fourth historically. One cedi is divided into one hundred pesewas.

The British Pounds to the Cedis exchange rate

1Great British Pound = 16.05726 Ghana Cedis as at October 26, 2022.

 Let’s look at some history of the GBP to the Cedis exchange rate and see how the GBP is rising against the Cedis.

In January 2021

29 January 2021 1 GBP = 7.9605 GHS

27 January 2021 1 GBP = 7.9838 GHS

26 January 2021 1 GBP = 7.9338 GHS

25 January 2021 1 GBP = 7.9528 GHS

In January 2022

25 January 2022 1 GBP = 8.2285 GHS

24 January 2022 1 GBP = 8.2691 GHS

21 January 2022 1 GBP = 8.2810 GHS

20 January 2022 1 GBP = 8.3012 GHS

Looking at the current exchange rate of the GBP to the Cedis, the Cedis is at a higher depreciation. The GBP to the Cedis exchange rate was just 8.4019 in January 2022 and has risen to 16.05726 in October. This GBP to Cedis exchange rate will affect the businessmen who export goods from the United Kingdom and also will lead to higher prices of goods in Ghana.

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