Angelo Moriondo (Espresso Inventor): Bio, Death, Net Worth

By | February 16, 2023
Angelo Moriondo (Espresso Inventor): Bio, Death, Net Worth

Angelo Moriondo (Espresso Inventor): Bio, Death, Net Worth. One might wonder why the name Angelo Moriondo still exists and is in the spotlight after he died over a century ago. He is still remembered as the inventor of the first espresso machine, which was used to make coffee in 1884.

Angelo Moriondo (Espresso Inventor) Bio

Angelo Moriondo was born on June 6, 1851, in Turin, Kingdom of Sardinia, Italy, into an entrepreneurial family.

His grandfather, an entrepreneur, founded a liqueur company first. He passed it down to his son, Giacomo, who later founded the chocolate company Moriondo and Gariglio with his brother and cousin, making it hereditary, and who followed in their footsteps as the new owner of the Grand-Hotel Liqueur and American Bar in the Galleria Nazionale.

He stood out from the crowd by inventing the espresso machine, which brought something new to the table.

Coming from a family that has been involved in the beverage industry since time immemorial, he followed in his family’s footsteps but added his own twist.

He invented the first espresso machine rather than starting or owning a beverage company. The coffee brewing machine was used in large quantities rather than for individual customers.

How did Angelo Moriondo die?

There has been no update on how the Italian inventor died. The cause of his death is also unknown.

 What Was Angelo Moriondo Net Worth At Death?

Angelo was clearly wealthy even before inventing his device because he came from a wealthy family of entrepreneurs who owned beverage companies.

He amassed a lot of wealth by inventing the espresso machine, which is still in use today. His net worth, however, was never made public.

How old was Angelo Moriondo when he died?

Angelo Moriondo was 62 years old at the time of his death. On May 31, 1914, he died in Marentino, Turin, Italy. Moriondo would have been 171 years old in 2022 if he were still alive.

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