Affidavit Price In Ghana 2021

By | August 5, 2021
Affidavit Price In Ghana 2021

The affidavit is a legal document that one person makes to another to certify the truth of certain facts. When the affidavit is used for a court record, it can become legally binding. An affidavit takes the place of an individual’s testimony in court. The affidavit price in Ghana 2021 will be determined by variables such as what type of document you are applying for, why you are applying, and whether or not you will need to have someone with you at the time of application. If obtained correctly, an Affidavit can be used as evidence in court proceedings.

There are various types of affidavits that can be obtained in Ghana including Affidavit for Marriage Registration and Affidavit for Divorce/Separation among others.

Affidavit Price In Ghana 2021

An Affidavit Price In Ghana can be bought for 200 cedis or less, depending on the type of affidavit that you are looking for. Some examples of affidavits are marriage, divorce, birth, academic qualifications, and criminal records.

Who qualifies for an Affidavit

Affidavits can be requested by anybody who has one year’s residency in Ghana.

Affidavits are acceptable if they are signed and sworn under oath before a High Court Judge, Magistrate, or Commissioner for Oaths

The court will ask for identification documents such as passports, birth certificates, driver’s licenses to verify your identity before accepting your affidavit.

What documents are required for affidavit?

  • Name Change Affidavits. General Name Change Affidavit. …
  • Change of Signature Affidavit.
  • Address Proof Affidavit.
  • Proof of Date of Birth Affidavit.
  • Income Proof Affidavit.
  • Joint Affidavit for Registration of Marriage.
  • Affidavit for No-criminal record.
  • Affidavit for Claim Settlement in Bank.

There are basically two types of Affidavit in Ghana:

1. An affidavit is a written or printed declaration of one’s own truthfulness and accuracy.

2. A statement made by an authorized person, such as a notary public, to be true and accurate under the penalty of perjury.

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