Technical Universities In Ghana And Their Courses 2022

By | December 27, 2021
Technical Universities In Ghana And Their Courses 2022

A few years ago, technical universities were widely recognized by the name “Polytechnic”.

Advancement in technology has resulted in the modification of skill and art especially when it comes to industrial and applied sciences.

The rising demand for technical expertise in institutions of higher learning led to introduction of technical universities in Ghana.

Polytechnics were officially changed to technical universities after they offered accreditation by the National Accreditation Board (NAB).

In today’s article, we will be looking at the Technical Universities In Ghana And Their Courses 2022 and the courses they offer.

1. Tamale Technical University (TTU)

The institution began operating as a polytechnic in 1963 but was changed into a technical university in 2018.

Currently, TTU trains students up to the higher national diploma(HND) level.

2. Kumasi Technical University

It was formerly known as Kumasi Polytechnic. It is one the most famous polytechnics that received technical university classification five years ago.

3. Accra Technical University (ATU)

Formerly known as Accra Polytechnic, ATU was the first technical university to be established in Ghana.

Initially, it was established as a technical school in 1949 but was commissioned in 1957 as a technical institution in the capital city of Ghana.

4. Cape Coast Technical University (CCTU)

It is located in the central region of Ghana. This technical institution happens to be one of the tertiary institutions in Ghana, that went through the stages of second cycle institution to its current technical university level.

Currently, CCTU offers up to higher national diploma level courses.

5. Koforidua Technical University (KTU)

KTU was founded in 1997 and is part of the ten technical universities in Ghana that have produced both technical experts and graduates with HND in accountancy, marketing, statistics and computer science.

As we speak, the institution has five faculties and one institute.

6. Ho Technical University (HTU)

It is a public tertiary institution located in the Volta region of Ghana.

The institution started operating as a polytechnic in 1986 but was upgraded to a technical university after it got full backing of the law in 1993.

7. Takoradi Technical University

It was established as public technical institute in 1954 and later became a polytechnic after the passage of the Polytechnic Law in 1992.

In 2016, it was transformed into a technical university in compliance with the technical universities Act 2016(Act 992).

8. Sunyani Technical University (STU)

It is fully fledged technical university located in the Bono region of Ghana.

STU was established as technical institute in 1967 and subsequently upgraded to a polytechnic in 1997.

9. Bolgatanga Technical University (BTU)

It is number on our top 10 best technical universities in Ghana.

Currently, BTU runs and awards Higher National Diploma (HND) certificates, Diplomas and other degree certificates.

10. Wa Technical University (WTU)

The institution was officially established in 1999.

The first batch of students for this institution was admitted in 2003 to pursue Higher National Diploma (HND) programmes in Agricultural Engineering, Secretaryship and Management Studies.

There are more accredited programs that you can offer in technical Universities in Ghana, check the related program corresponding to the course you offered.

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