List Of Actuarial Science Jobs In Ghana

Actuarial science is a branch of statistics. In actuarial science, it is used to predict risk. Actuaries are not accountants, but they use the same skills as an accountant to analyze information and make predictions about future events.

One of the best ways to start your career in actuarial science is through internships. An internship can land you a job after graduation, even if it’s not with the same company. It is an opportunity for you to demonstrate what you’ve learned about insurance and risk management and put your skills into practice

  • Actuary
  • Adjustment Insurance Clerk
  • Assistant Broker
  • Assistant Claims Manager


  • Studying, improving and developing mathematical, actuarial and statistical theories and techniques
  • Advising on or applying mathematical principles, models and techniques to a wide range of tasks in the fields of engineering, natural, social or life sciences
  • Conducting logical analyses of management problems, especially in terms of input-output effectiveness, and formulating mathematical models of each problem usually for programming and solution by computer
  • Designing and putting into operation pension schemes and life, health, social and other types of insurance systems
  • Applying mathematics, statistics, probability and risk theory to assess potential financial impacts of future events
  • Planning and organizing surveys and other statistical collections, and designing questionnaires
  • Evaluating, processing, analysing and interpreting statistical data and preparing them for publication
  • Advising on or applying various data collection methods and statistical methods and techniques, and determining reliability of findings, especially in such fields as business or medicine as well as in other areas of natural, social or life sciences
  • Preparing scientific papers and reports
  • Supervising the work of mathematical, actuarial and statistical assistants and statistical clerks
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Actuarial Science Jobs In Ghana Salary

Actuarial Analyst6,260 GHS
Actuary6,310 GHS
Adjustment Insurance Clerk1,770 GHS
Assistant Broker3,230 GHS
Assistant Claims Manager5,100 GHS

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