Distance Learning Universities In Ghana

By | September 27, 2021

Distance learning education in Ghana has come to stay with us no matter how badly some educationists hate it due to the complexities related to it.

Due to the world evolving and new methods of learning coming up every day, universities have devised new and nice ways to cope with the demands of learning and teaching

One key advantage of distance learning was witnessed when the Covid-19 reared its ugly head in the country that forced lecturers to resort to the internet to disseminate their course materials to students.

Most of the Universities In Ghana have fully adopted online education and learning via zoom and other media platforms has become the new normal because of Covid 19.

Advantages of Distance Learning

Below are some of the advantages of studying in a distance mode.

  • Greater Flexibility of schedules
  • No travelling for long distances to attenf lectures
  • Smooth learning with the introduction of zoom and other learning and information sharing tools
  • Cost savings

Disadvantages of Distance Learning

Below are some of the advantages of studying in a distance mode.

  • Low attention level or high Chances of Distraction
  • Loneliness and Lack of Social Interaction
  • Complicated Technology

Below are the list of Universities In Ghana That Offer Distance Learning

University Of Ghana School of Continuing and Distance Education:

  • KNUST Distance learning center
  • UPSA Distance Learning (Blended Online Learning)
  • UHAS Distance Education School
  • The Institute for Educational Development and Extension At UEW
  • UCC College of Distance Education
  • Jackson college of education distance Learning
  • GTUC Distance Learning
  • UENR Distance Education/ Learning Centers
  • UDS Institute for Distance and Continuing Education
  • UMaT Distance Education

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